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New Features And Updates

Feel your legendary powers with Kiosk Mode, Faster Analytics, Spam-bot protection, more customizability, and design improvements

Our legendary ?s! We have been ?ing hard, to give you new features and improvements. This is a brief list of most important highlights that we have released, since we published the last post regarding our updates. Continue ? & spread the ?!

New survey featuresNew Features:

Thanks ? for constantly chatting with us and giving us feedback and asking for new features. Together with you, we are making SurveyLegend the best survey tool that the internet has ever seen ?.

Kiosk modeKiosk mode surveys

Now with our Kisok mode feature, you can do so called “in-store surveys“, which automatically restart when submitted. And of course if a respondent partially fills-in the questionnaire and leaves it, the form can smartly restart itself.

This way you can collect fresh feedback from people who visit your shop, office, store, or business. All you need is a tablet, and a SurveyLegend account.

Learn more about our Kiosk mode.

spam bot iconSpam bots protection

We got litterally 2 reports from our users whose surveys have been victims of spam-bots, which means somebody had written a custom script which could participate in their survey and vote to tweak their results.

Well, “2” was already too much for us. Therefore, we made an anti-spam-bot system which measures many variables to see whether a robot taking the survey or a human. When our system detects a spam-bot, it will silently ignore their votes, so nothing will be collected or registered in our database.

Also, if our anti-spam system gets suspecious about a respondent but cannot judge by 100% certainity, it will instead mark their responses in the exported data as “suspected spam bot”. This way users can decide and filter them out.

Additionally, our new system automatically goes through old collected data and removes any eventual spam-bot responses.

We will keep improving our spam-bot protection code, and constantly make it smarter to mitigate more types of spam bots.

notification iconIFrame Notifications

From now on, you ask your embedded surveys to send a notification to your website. Enabling this setting allows you to send a notification message to the HTML page which contains your IFrame, as soon as responses are submitted. This opens up many possibilities for you. For instance you can hide the IFrame containing the survey, load another questionnaire, send the user to another page, or perform any desired actions after your respondent submits their answers.

Learn more about embedded surveys using IFrames.

link iconOpen image links in the same window

Recently we added the possibility of adding redirect links to images within a questionnaire. With this update you can make the links open in the same browser tab as the survey, or choose to open them in a new browser tab.

Learn more about Adding redirect links to images within a survey.

opinion scale iconHide text lables under Opinion scale choices

The Opinion Scale question is variation of the Likert-type question, but it is visually different. Choices are visually presented on a “scaled” or “ranged” clickable set of choices, and can have lables under the choices to clarify the scale.

However, sometimes you may want to hide these lables completely, and from now on, you can do so.

Learn more about Opinion scale question.

speardsheet iconTime spent in a survey is reflected in exported data

Now when you export collected data, the time spent by each respondent to answer your questions is reflected there as well.

Learn more about Exporting survey data.

choice text iconHide choice text for respondents

With our latest app, you can easily hide the choice text which was displayed under each picture in the Picture selection question type. However any title you type will appeear in the exported data and in your live analytics.

Learn more about customizing picture selection question.

chart iconHide “Participation” and “Geographical reach” charts from shared analytics page.

You can share the collected results of a survey publicly, either after the survey is submitted, or via a link. However, some users do not want to show the number of participants, and some users don’t want to show the map. So we have made it possible to hide these two charts now.

UI / UX updatesUX / UI updates

Constantly improving the user experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) of our solution has always been the core of our company. During the past few version releases, we have improved lots of details in the app. Here is a list of some of them.

configure step iconNew configure step

Previously, all survey settings where placed in the first step of creation, which was called “Start step”. Now that step is totally gone, instead we have a new step called “Configure”, which hosts all settings of the survey you are editing.

Additionally, we have divided up the settings to several sections, which will help you navigate between them more easily. Under each section, relevant settings are grouped into cards, and can easily be understood.

Further, the new cards provide more visual aid for abstract settings which do not otherwise have an instant visual representation, for example a “Notification email”.

share step iconNew share step

We have also re-designed the “Share” step and divided its settings into several sections. Under each section, relevant settings are grouped into cards, and can easily be found and manipulated.

analytics iconNew Live Analytics UI

Redesigned the Live analytics interface to provide more information in less space.

badge-pro iconExport receipts of your subscriptions

Now you can export a receipt of your new subscriptions (which are made after September 2018), by navigating to My account. This helps companies and their bookkeeping needs.

info iconMore informative messages

Now specially in the new Configure step, you will see explanation about why a setting is locked and cannot be changed by you. It is usually due to conflicting settings, or some features which require a setting to be ON or OFF.

whitelable iconWhitelabled loading screen

Now users with “Legendary” subscription level will have a completely whitelabled loading screen. We used to show our animated diamond logo before, when survey was being loaded.

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Add links to pictures, restore your removed surveys, disqualify respondents, and enjoy more styling power & using a better app

Our legendary friends! We have been working hard, just like always; and published a lot of improvements in our app. Here is a list of most important highlights that we have released, since we published the last post regarding our updates. Continue reading & spread the <3!

New survey featuresNew Features:

Thanks to your continuous feedback and feature requests, we keep adding user-friendly features to the tool. Together with you, we are making SurveyLegend the best survey tool that internet has ever seen ?.

GDPR iconWe became fully GDPR Compliant

We’re still excited that the new General Data Protection Law is enforced at 25th of may this year. The new law made us re-think and re-program many bits and pieces of our tool, and even add a few additional features (explained further down). This was a law that helped our organization become even more healthy and more secure, when it comes to protecting people’s data.

Most of the improvements were under the skin and invisible to users’ eyes. However, we have published a page that explains how we are fully GDPR compliant now. We have also published an easy-to-understand guide that explains how you as researcher or surveyor can make GDPR compliant surveys and forms.

Learn more about our GDPR Compliance.

link iconAdd redirect link to pictures

SurveyLegend is well known for being the best tool to create image-based surveys. To make it even better, we recently added a feature that empowers you to add custom links to any picture in your survey. Pictures could be either choices in the Picture selection question, or any image used in Section break, Welcome page, Thank you page, or any question that you use.

Linked images can act as banners, helping you promote something or add incentives for your respondents to finish a survey. They can also help you create download links, or lead users to other pages or your other surveys.

Learn more about Adding redirect links to pictures in your surveys.

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Review individual responses all in one place, and enjoy more than 7 other new features

Review individual responses all in one place, let respondents upload files, use SUM logic & enjoy Opinion Scale question and a totally redesigned interface.

Ladies and gents, we have recently released many new features, but we simply didn’t have the time to sit down and write about them. But here is a list of the latest and the greatest. Continue reading & spread the ❤️!

New survey featuresNew Features:

You who have been with us for a while know that we constantly listen to your feedback, and push new features or question types continuously. We want to make SurveyLegend, the most popular, and most feature-rich online survey tool in the world. So, here is a summary of our latest and greatest features and improvements.

Individual responses iconIndividual responses

The new “individual responses” view is an amazing feature that empowers you to instantly see every respondent’s answers and opinions. This feature is a piece of gold, specially when you make online forms with our tool.

It even allows you to “search” for different respondents, their cities, countries, or find them by their IDs.

Learn more about Individual responses.

deleting Individual responses iconDeleting Individual Respondents

Sometimes you get data which seems to be fake or disqualified. This could be because some respondents add data which is not honest; or sometimes you may test your survey before sending it and get data which is unwanted.

This version allows you to delete such responses individually. To do so, you need to go to the “Individual Responses” view.

Opinion Scale (a new Likert-type question)Opinion Scale

The Opinion Scale question is a new variation of the Likert-type question. In our new design, choices are visually presented on a “scaled” or “ranged” clickable set of choices. This new visual presentation makes it much easier for people to perceive the concept of the “scale”.

This feature will give you a whole new way of measuring the level of agreement or disagreement of a symmetric agree-disagree scale.

Learn more about Opinion Scale.

File Upload survey feature iconFile Upload

Have you ever needed people to send you files or attach their pictures or CVs to the online form that you’ve asked them to fill in? If yes, this is the right feature for you! 🙂

With our brand new File Upload feature, your respondents can easily attach one or several files, and send them to you, and you can effortlessly preview all uploaded files in Live Analytics view or Individual Responses view. You will love this feature; we promise!

Learn more about File Upload.

SUM logic feature iconSUM logic

We have enabled you to create a new type of logic flow, for those questions which have “scored” answers, such as NPS or Opinion Scale, or Number Box. This way, you can ask our system to calculate automatically add all scores form each question, and based on the total sum, trigger a logic condition.

Learn more about Using SUM logic for questions with scored answers.

logic feature iconNew logic conditions for number based questions

Now you can trigger logic flows for number-based questions (e.g. Number Box) by setting a range.

For example, you can ask our system to trigger the logic, if the input number is between or is not between a certain range (eg. IF the answer is between 5.5 to 10, THEN do this and that).

Other choice icon“Other choice” in Multiple Selection

Previously, you could enable the “Other” choice, only for Single Selection questions. Now it is even possible to enable the other choice for Multiple Selections as well.

Other choice iconCustomizable label for “Other” choice

In the previous versions, when you enabled the “Other” choice, our system would only a text area as the last choice in which your respondents could type.

But now, when you enable the “Other” choice, you will notice that a text box gets added as the last choice in the list of choices. By default, this text box gets the lablel: “Other”. However, you can simply edit it to anything you need. Perhaps you need to type the label in your own language or explain something more.

Learn more about Enabling the “Other” choice and making open-ended questions.

Slider icon“Zero” state in Sliders

Previously, our slider questions did not have a “zero” state. They all started from 1. Now, by default, all sliders have a “zero” state. This will help you data analysis, big time.

UI / UX updatesUX / UI updates

Constantly improving the user experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) of our solution has always been the core of our company. During the past few version releases, we have improved lots of details in the app. Here is a list of some of them. Keep in mind that we won’t write about every detail, as it becomes easier for our competitors to copy us 😉

survey themesTotally redesigned UI

We have redesigned the user interface in many places of the app, however the main change has been the app’s dashbaord or landing page. If you have not logged into your account for a few weeks and do it now, you will notice a completely new dashbaord, featuring all your surveys with beautiful and large thumbnails.

This way, it becomes easier for you to find your surveys, shuffle and preview them one by one, and quickly go to edit mode, or other views related to each survey such as Individual responses or Live analytics.

Also, we have assigned a new fullscreen pane for your account overview, which is accessible from the main dashbaord pane.

survey themesVisually richer themes

We have worked hard to give a tangible boost to the look and feel of the surveys. In this new release, more visual elements in the survey get affected by theme moods, and theme palettes.

Preview comments fully, in individual responses

Now you’re able to preview all comments completely from your respondents, when in “Individual Responses” view.

It doesn’t matter which type of text-based questions are you previewing, the textareas now will resize to show the input text fully.

other improvements

  • Better animations when choices are selected o deselected
  • More informative and better designed layout in logic flow creation
  • Improved UI in the Live Analytics
  • Added a few new user guide articles

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Enjoy the power of Logic & Branching, Get Embed Codes in a Second, and Design Your Surveys Like a Professional Designer

Enjoy the power of Logic & Branching, Get Embed Codes in a Second, and Design Your Surveys Like a Professional Designer. We did lots of performance improvements and a few bug fixes.
Hi friends! This is our biggest update evar! Even if it doesn’t look like that. But we’ve been putting our souls, our days, and our nights, to bring you something amazing. We rewrote many parts of our code and redesigned, to be able to release this version in its best form, for you, our dear user, who truly deserve it. This version enables you to create intelligent surveys or forms that react to your respondent’s answers. Continue reading & spread the <3!

New survey featuresNew Features:


survey logic and branching iconConditional logic and branching

We’re super excited to introduce you our brand new logic editor; and we are confident that this would be easiest-to-use and the most powerful one in the entire online survey market! As usual, we started with the user experience in mind, and did our best to design a system that can do a lot, without putting too much pressure on the user. Dividing a questionnaire into several branches, and adding conditional logic to it can be quite complicated. Specially when you offer lots of features, as we do. However, we believe that we’ve designed a pretty nice solution for it.

By adding logic flows for a questionnaire, you can practically program it to observe how a respondent answers certain questions, and then based on their answers, for example skip to a page or to another question further ahead in the questionnaire. You can also tell your survey to automatically show or hide certain parts of the questionnaire, if a respondents answers in a specific way.

Learn more about logic and branching.

Embed surveyAuto generated embed code

Now right inside the “Share step”, you can get an auto generated iFrame code, if you intend to embed your survey into a website or blog post. Simply copy the code, and paste it into the HTML source of the page.

It’s also possible to create forms such as contact forms or registration forms, using SurveyLegend and easily embed them into your WordPress or Joomla site. The great thing about it is that you do no need to install any additional plugins or add-ons on your website.

survey themesLots of new themes

We’ve added a ton of new themes to make your surveys even more astonishing and beautiful.

Our themes are pre designed by professional designers who have made sure that both the look & feel and readability of text works alright, using the right font on the right background, with the best mood and font size for each typography.

Our pre-designed themes come with different styles for visual elements, fonts and colors; but you can always choose to customize them as you wish.

customize survey themesCustomize your theme

In this release we’ve made it possible to customize each theme, and make it truly yours. We added several customization features that help you tweak the design, and make it reflect the visual identity of your brand.

Here is a list of what’s new in this release:

find survey themesSearchable themes

From now on, you can find a theme, simply by searching for relevant keyword. For example, you can search for keywords such as “light”, “dark”, “happy”, “cute”, etc., or look for color names, objects or even places.

We will keep enhancing this feature, so that you find the theme you may like, much faster and easier.

fonts for surveysChange typography

The newly added typography option allows you to change the font style of your questions. We have created a hand-picked list of fonts with both “readability” and “aesthetics” in mind. So we have made sure that the fonts we present to you can be easily read by the wast majority of the respondents.

Feel free to choose one that works best with your intended look & feel.

survey font sizeAdjust font size

Some fonts may require a larger font size to be easily readable on any device, and some may look better with smaller font sizes. Therefore we have added this feature which allows you to tweak the font size.

When deciding for the font sizes, always think about your audience group first, not just what looks best! For example, if you are surveying elderly people, they might need larger font sizes to read the text easier, while students can read smaller fonts much easier. Also if you display a survey in kiosk-mode on a tablet at your shop, make sure people who are passing by can read the text easily.

branded surveysChoose your color palette

Choosing a unique color palette will help you create a branded custom theme.

In a questionnaire, certain visual elements such as checkboxes, progress bars, radio buttons, buttons, etc., will get affected by the color palettes that you choose for your theme.

dark or light survey themesTweak the look & feel using moods

It’s now possible to change the general mood of your survey. Sometimes a dark look and feel may seem more exclusive, or simply work better with some backgrounds. While in other cases a light look and feel may make your questionnaire look more friendly or more spacey.

Also, whenever you think a more conventional look and feel works better, simply use the Classic mood. The Classic mood adds a white paper-like background under your survey questions, which can enhance the readability of question texts.

surveys with blurred backgroundEasily make blurred backgrounds

Now simply by toggling a button, you can give your backgrounds a beautiful blur effect.

The blur effect increases readability of question texts. Therefore, we recommend you to enable this setting, specially if you are using the Dark or the Light mood for your custom theme, because displaying text on a sharp background with bad contrast may make it hard to read.

UI / UX updatesUX / UI updates

  • We’ve made many changes in the interface of our app, to make the experience more flawless and friendlier than ever.
  • Lots of improvements and micro interactions. You’ll simply enjoy our app more thanks to improvements that are so delicate that you can easily ignore them. But they’re there ;).
  • Survey themes are now searchable by keywords.

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New touch screen device simulators better embedded surveys UX/UI improvements

New update, performance improvement and bug fixes
Ladies and gentlemen. We’re so happy to let you know that a new version of our survey creation tool is live! What’s visible is that we have improved some of the existing features, and enhanced our “user experience” in a variety of ways.

But the cool part is that so many things have been totally remade under the skin of SurveyLegend. Many code improvements both in the app, and in your surveys have made it possible for a giant and amazing feature which will be coming soon :D! To know what that feature is, you need to stay tuned ;). But for now, enjoy & spread the <3!

New survey featuresNew Features:


smartphonePreview the survey on touchscreen devices, right in the app

Surveys that are made by our tool look astonishing on every device, be it a desktop computer, a table, or a smartphone. However, we noticed that professional researchers sometimes want to see a preview of the survey they are creating, on a mobile device. Of course they could send a link to themselves and preview the survey, but first of all it would pollute the data, and it wasn’t convenient at all while the survey was still in creation or design phase.

Therefore we developed a handy feature that empowers you as the creator, to instantly see a live preview of the questionnaire you are working on with a single click. You can easily switch to different preview modes, such as full-screen Full-screen survey preview, tablet Survey preview on a tablet, or smartphone Survey preview on a mobile phone by clicking on their respective icons or even rotate the device by clicking on the rotate button Device orientation button to make sure everything looks exactly as you want them to!

Read more about previewing your surveys.

Switch pagesSwitch pages in preview mode, and override compulsory questions

When creating a survey or form, you can make some questions compulsory to answer. But these questions need to be answered, even in the preview mode, to be able to go to next pages of the questionnaire. This is because we intend to show you how the questionnaire behaves in real life. However, it’s now possible to quickly jump back and forward to any page within your survey, while you are in preview mode. When you click on the navigation buttons on top of the preview step to switch pages, you don’t have to answer the required questions at all. This will help to override the natural behavior of the survey, and you can preview it more easily.

Read more about previewing your surveys.

Easy drag and sorting of survey questionsEnhanced Drag & Sorting of Survey Questions

We recently added a new button Easy drag and sorting of survey questions which toggles the way you preview the surveys in Create step. This compact view gives you a better overview of your questions, and also provides an easy way to drag and sort survey questions.

In this update, we made it possible to edit each individual question, naturally by clicking on them. As soon as you click outside, they go back to that compact preview mode.

Embedded surveysAuto scroll to top on page switch, for embedded surveys.

Previously, long surveys which were embedded in iframes had a small issue. When respondents clicked on the PREVIOUS or NEXT button to switch pages, the survey would change page, but respondents had to manually scroll to the top of the embedded survey page, to be able to see and answer questions. This was a technical problem related to web-technologies. However, we found a sweet way to solve this problem in our code. You don’t need to do anything special. Just embed the questionnaire as you have always done. Our new code is already taking care of it.
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