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  • Easy drag and drop

    We offer more than 20 question types and it couldn’t be any easier to add fields or edit existing ones. All through a simple click or drag and drop.

  • Extensive image support

    Add images of your choice to any question. An engaging and visually appealing survey is just as important as asking the right questions.

  • Logic and branching

    Make your survey smart by showing or hiding questions. Ask the right questions every single time with the help of logic.

Designs that mesmerize

Choose any of our carefully designed themes or easily customize colors, fonts and more to reflect your brand’s true identity.

  • Beautiful themes

    Choose from over 70 meticulously designed themes to swiftly create a gorgeous survey.

  • Easily customizable

    Effortlessly upload custom backgrounds, logos and images to completely customize the way everything looks.

  • White label surveys

    Represent your brand in a way your customers will recognize and love.

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We’ve made sure that sharing your amazing surveys with the rest of the world is just one click away.

  • Link sharing

    Share your hosted survey link anywhere and start engaging with your visitors.

  • Social media sharing

    Share your survey through social media directly. Simply write a message and share it.

  • Embed your survey

    Embed your survey right on your website. Merely copy the provided code and paste it in. You may also use the provided WordPress or Joomla plugins.

Reach your audience globally

Merely decide how and where you want to reach your audience and we got you covered.

Enjoy world-class analytics

As responses come in, your analytics come to life to provide you with real-time insights.

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