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How to Determine Sample Size for Your Survey

Remember the children’s story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” in which a young girl named Goldilocks tries three bowls of porridge and finds one to be too hot, one...

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How Do You Create a Matrix Survey? Is There a Better Survey Method?

Have you ever been caught in a matrix? No, not the Keanu Reeves movie. We’re talking about a matrix survey. A matrix survey question – which is really nothing...

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10 Benefits and Best Practices of Pop-Up Surveys & How to Create One

Surveys are popping up everywhere – literally! Today, marketers have their choice of survey methods, from in-person interviews and telephone surveys to snail mail and email surveys. One of the more...

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How to Use Social Media Surveys (+ Benefits & Tips)

Whether you’re active on social media or actively dislike it, its power cannot be denied – especially when it comes to social media surveys. Today, more than 3.5 billion...

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How to Use Open-Ended Survey Questions +25 Examples

When you have questions and need answers, a survey is a surefire way to go! Crafting your survey questions correctly is key to getting a better response rate. However,...

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How to Increase Participation in an Employee Engagement Survey

Do your employees feel valued? Are your employees being challenged? Is an employee looking to jump ship? These are all great employee engagement survey questions to ask (and we’ll...

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