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Collect customer feedback in your stores with the help of Kiosk Mode surveys

Kiosk Mode surveys Made Easy

Every day customers pass through various stores, boutiques, hotels, exhibitions, restaurants, airports… or simply put, companies which own a physical place that the buyers can visit whenever they need to interact with the sellers. For you as an owner of a business, these visits have an important meaning. The customer is there with a specific goal; they are there because of your company and what you offer. They are YOUR current or future customers, therefore being able to ask for their feedback in your own facility is priceless! All you need is a beautiful survey, presented nicely for your visitors.

Creating a survey and presenting it on an iPad or Android tablet makes it easy to answer questions in the boutique in real-time. This enables collecting the much needed feedback and gettings answers to questions such as:

– Was the staff friendly?
– Were you able to find what you were looking for?
– How happy are they with the support you received?
– What can be improved?
– and more…

All these question, can ask the customers passing in and out of your facilities, be it your first bakery, a retail chain with several hundreds of stores all around the world, or a hospital asking their patients for feedback.

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New touch screen device simulators better embedded surveys UX/UI improvements

New update, performance improvement and bug fixes
Ladies and gentlemen. We’re so happy to let you know that a new version of our survey creation tool is live! What’s visible is that we have improved some of the existing features, and enhanced our “user experience” in a variety of ways.

But the cool part is that so many things have been totally remade under the skin of SurveyLegend. Many code improvements both in the app, and in your surveys have made it possible for a giant and amazing feature which will be coming soon :D! To know what that feature is, you need to stay tuned ;). But for now, enjoy & spread the <3!

New survey featuresNew Features:


smartphonePreview the survey on touchscreen devices, right in the app

Surveys that are made by our tool look astonishing on every device, be it a desktop computer, a table, or a smartphone. However, we noticed that professional researchers sometimes want to see a preview of the survey they are creating, on a mobile device. Of course they could send a link to themselves and preview the survey, but first of all it would pollute the data, and it wasn’t convenient at all while the survey was still in creation or design phase.

Therefore we developed a handy feature that empowers you as the creator, to instantly see a live preview of the questionnaire you are working on with a single click. You can easily switch to different preview modes, such as full-screen Full-screen survey preview, tablet Survey preview on a tablet, or smartphone Survey preview on a mobile phone by clicking on their respective icons or even rotate the device by clicking on the rotate button Device orientation button to make sure everything looks exactly as you want them to!

Read more about previewing your surveys.

Switch pagesSwitch pages in preview mode, and override compulsory questions

When creating a survey or form, you can make some questions compulsory to answer. But these questions need to be answered, even in the preview mode, to be able to go to next pages of the questionnaire. This is because we intend to show you how the questionnaire behaves in real life. However, it’s now possible to quickly jump back and forward to any page within your survey, while you are in preview mode. When you click on the navigation buttons on top of the preview step to switch pages, you don’t have to answer the required questions at all. This will help to override the natural behavior of the survey, and you can preview it more easily.

Read more about previewing your surveys.

Easy drag and sorting of survey questionsEnhanced Drag & Sorting of Survey Questions

We recently added a new button Easy drag and sorting of survey questions which toggles the way you preview the surveys in Create step. This compact view gives you a better overview of your questions, and also provides an easy way to drag and sort survey questions.

In this update, we made it possible to edit each individual question, naturally by clicking on them. As soon as you click outside, they go back to that compact preview mode.

Embedded surveysAuto scroll to top on page switch, for embedded surveys.

Previously, long surveys which were embedded in iframes had a small issue. When respondents clicked on the PREVIOUS or NEXT button to switch pages, the survey would change page, but respondents had to manually scroll to the top of the embedded survey page, to be able to see and answer questions. This was a technical problem related to web-technologies. However, we found a sweet way to solve this problem in our code. You don’t need to do anything special. Just embed the questionnaire as you have always done. Our new code is already taking care of it.
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Get feedback

Get feedback

Get feedback, to learn and grow

Getting feedback can sometimes be experienced as ‘stressful’ or ‘irritating’. This is why we often hesitate to get feedback from others. As experts mention in “Find the Coaching in Criticism”, published at Harvard Business Review, “Even when you know that [feedback is] essential to your development and you trust that the person delivering it wants you to succeed, it can activate psychological triggers. You might feel misjudged, ill-used, and sometimes threatened to your very core.”

But according to the same article, the good news is that you can easily overcome this psychological states of mind and become a better receiver, simply by asking for feedback more often, and by applying the a few useful tips in the feedback collection process, which will be described further down.

Before starting to collect feedback, keep in mind that according to experts, those who clearly seek critical feedback tend to get higher performance ratings. One reason is of course because of the nature of getting feedback and becoming better. But also, when you ask for feedback, you not only understand how others see you, you also change the way they see you! Just the act of collecting feedback makes people trust and respect you more; and helps you create a better image of yourself for them.

Consider these handy tips, when you get feedback

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Discounted Survey Tool Pricing For Nonprofit Organizations and NGO

SurveyLegend loves students & teachers


Finally We Offer Discounted Pricing For Nonprofit Organization and NGOs

Welcome honored nonprofit organization. We want to thank you for your amazing contribution and hard work. It’s your selfless and noble contributions that make life easier for people who are depending on you and your organization’s existence. We at SurveyLegend want to help you in your noble quest, by providing a discount of our amazing tool for creating surveys, forms, polls and questionnaires.

We know it’s hard to be a Nonprofit Organization or NGO, money can be scarce some months. So to help you out, we have now a 35% discount on our yearly plans, along with 15% first-ever-discount on our monthly plans. Now you save 15% on all our monthly plans as a nonprofit organization or NGO.
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Discounted Survey Tool Pricing For Students, Teachers and Educators

SurveyLegend loves students & teachers


Finally We Offer Discounted Pricing For Students, Teachers and Educators

SurveyLegend was and still is loved by academics, students, teachers, principals and educators. For some time we have been planning and working on introducing discounted pricing for students and educators to show much needed and appreciated support to some of our most loyal Legends (members).

We know how it is to be a student. Money can be scarce some months. So to help you out, we have now a 35% discount on our yearly plans, along with 15% first-ever-discount on our monthly plans. Now you save 15% on all our monthly plans as a student or even as a teacher.
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