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Data Types, Online Survey, Research, Survey Examples, Survey Questions

7 Considerations for Nominal vs Ordinal Data (+ Interval vs Ratio Data)

Are you the type of person who works better with a bit of freedom and the ability to “shoot from the hip”? Or do you like things done in...

Employee Surveys, Online Survey, Survey Examples, Survey Questions

What is DEI and How Do You Create a DEI Survey?

Today’s workforce is evolving, and now, diversity is more important than ever. Generation Z has begun making their mark in the workplace, and they are the most diverse generation...

Online Survey, QR Code

7 Ways the QR Code is Back – And How To Make QR Codes for Surveys

Remember when you first started seeing those weird, black-and-white barcode-esque squares – themselves comprised of many smaller squares – on everything from posters to products? It was probably around 2010,...

Branding, Customer Insight, Online Survey, Research

7 Ways To Avoid Rebranding Mistakes (Plus Top Rebranding Failures & Successes)

Summer, 1985. Mikhail Gorbachev has just come into power. Back to the Future hits theaters. And Coca-Cola releases “New Coke” to combat dwindling sales. The consumer backlash over the...

Education, Online Survey, Survey Examples

7 Types of Student Surveys – And Why They Are So Important

  Today, student surveys are more important than ever. Whether you’re asking about the curriculum, bullying, or virtual learning during COVID, it’s beneficial to understand the viewpoint of students....

Survey Examples, Survey Questions

5 Reasons to Ask Survey Screening Questions

Screening questions for surveys are very important. Here’s a look at some common types of Screening questions and why you need to be using them.

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