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Online Survey, Research

8 Ways to Conduct Survey Testing and Top 7 Benefits

You can spend a lot of time, money, and effort developing a consumer or research survey, so you want to be sure it’s effective and easily understood. But how...

Branding, Customer Insight, Online Survey, Survey Questions

7 Reasons to Conduct a Product Experience Survey + Sample Questions

We’ve talked a lot about the customer experience in the past – but what about the product experience? While customer experience may be king, product experience is just as...

Customer Insight, Online Survey, Survey Questions

How Police Surveys Can Improve Community Relations + Sample Questions

“The greatest challenge that we have is regaining the trust of those that we serve,” writes Dr. David J. Thomas, Police Foundation Senior Research Fellow, on the foundation’s website....

Customer Insight, Employee Surveys, Online Survey, Survey Questions

How to Use a New Hire Survey + 40 Onboarding Questions to Ask

Are you sitting down for this? Studies show that 86% of new hires quit their job within the first six months of employment. With the Society for Human Resource...

Customer Insight, Online Survey, Research, Survey Questions

7 Ways to Get the Truth on Surveys (+ Reasons for Lying on Surveys)

Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth? It’s tempting to begin each of our surveys this way, but unfortunately, this isn’t a court of...

Customer Insight, Forms, Online Survey, Polls, Questionnaires, Survey Questions

3 Different Types of Data Collection: Survey vs Questionnaire vs Poll

Need to do some market research? Then chances are, you’ll want to conduct a survey. Or, maybe distribute a questionnaire. Better yet, maybe you should just take a poll....

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