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Wow Your Respondents with Images!

Impress by pictures

“A picture is worth a thousand words” they say. So why not add one to the very beginning of your surveys?

This enables you to communicate your most crucial messages right at the beginning, and grab your respondent’s attention.

Welcome your respondents to a survey, form, poll or questionnaire in a way they will never forget

Image-Based Surveys, Forms, Polls & Questionnaires

Image-Based Surveys, Forms, Polls & Questionnaires

So Much Better, With The Power Of Images

Ask visual questions

Almost all online questionnaire providers offer making text-based forms, polls, and surveys; but what about pictures? We believe that receiving the right answers is possible, only if you ask the right questions – and often the right questions cannot be asked by mere text!

SurveyLegend makes it possible to create beautiful and engaging image-based questions, empowering retail companies, brands, designers, photographers, and other professionals to ask questions visually to get answers that end up being actionable and insightful.

The One

The Obvious Choice

Single picture choice

Sometimes one answer means the most to your question and your consequent decision.

With the “Single” choice voting type of our Media Gallery question, you are able to ask the respondents to answer a picture-based question by only voting on one picture amongst hundreds.

Online survey with single selectable pictures as answers.

Express Yourself

Online survey with multiple selectable pictures as answers

The Power Of Freedom

Multi picture choice

Giving respondents the possibility to express themselves and their broad opinions is important in several cases.

Using our Media Gallery’s “Multiple” voting type, you give the respondents freedom of expression and let them choose unlimited choices, amongst several provided options.

Rank Your Choice

Nominating A Winner Has Never Been This Easy

Ranked picture choice

It’s so easy to use pictures and ask people to rank their most favorite or least favorite brands, clothes, jewelry, actors, athletes, films, cars, designs, foods, pictures, and the list goes on…

This gives you as a researcher, rich & insightful data; not to mention offering an engaging questionnaire to participate in. Using Media Gallery, adding pictures as answers, and setting the voting type on “Ranked”, it becomes like a match made in heaven.

Online survey, form or poll ranking selectable pictures and select a winner

Limitations That Empower Insight

Online survey, form or poll limit selectable images

& guide your audience

Limited picture choice

In some cases, being able to add limits to an image-based question is as important as giving room for expression. This of course depends on the question’s characteristics. Using our Media Gallery question, adding pictures as answers, and by setting the voting type on “Limited”, you create more focused questions to gather purer data.

Embed A Responsive Gallery Directly In Any Web Page

Engage your audience directly on the spot

Embedded image gallery

Have you ever wanted to have an integrative Image Gallery on your website or blog? If the answer is yes, then SurveyLegend is “the” solution for you.

With SurveyLegend’s easy embeddable code and mobile-ready platform, your Image Gallery will always look great and fit right into its new environment. Create an art gallery, shop, quiz, election or any kind of visual survey, form or poll and embed it right into your page. It’s fast and easy, yet powerful, with our amazing Media Gallery question type everything is possible.

Images are from:

embedded responsive interactive image gallery survey form poll or questionnaire

Real-Time Analytics, Right There In Your Pocket

Make those critical, game changing decisions on the go

Visually presented data

To keep you up-to-date with the latest feedback from your audience we made certain you can reach your data on the go, with our unique and inovative Mobile Phone Ready live analytics. As if that was not enough, we’ve made sure you don’t need to instal an app. Simply go to our webpage and login as you would do using your tablet or PC; and then enjoy the data right there in the palm of your hand.

This empowers you to get a better picture of gathered responses and analyse the data faster. Every response to your survey, form, or poll is presented immediately in real-time, enabling you to follow the feedback as it comes in on your smartphone.

Survey data analytics for phones, computers, and tablets

An Online Questionnaire, Built For Today’s World


Modern survey solution which is compatible with smartphones and tablets

The future of online surveys and the mobile world of today. SurveyLegend makes life easier for you and your respondents. Easily select several photos from your computer or tablet, and upload them all at once. With us, you don’t need to be a “programmer” to be able to make a beautiful image-based questionnaire ; )


The dark ages for surveys can still be found and they aren’t a pretty sight to behold. Giving your respondents a bad experience will lower your response rate. If you have tried other online survey solutions, you know for sure that even if the old tools allow you to upload photos into your questionnaires, how hard and complicated they have done for you.

Mobile-ready picture-based surveys, forms, polls or questionnaires

The past is not always better than the present, we developed SurveyLegend to look great on todays mobile phones, tablets and computers. Every single time! Ask yourself now, which one of these survey would I respond to?

SurveyLegend is  Survey solution used by some of the world's biggest companies By Thousands of companies

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