SurveyLegend and the Environment

When it comes to being green, we are legendary! For us, a user-friendly app and good code is not just a sign of professionalism. Writing optimal code and designing great interaction means a faster app leading to less computing for servers and much less time spent by you trying to understand “how to”. Instead with SurveyLegend you “just do”.

The faster you get your work done, the fewer headaches you’ll have, and the less electricity you’ll use. Considering all those bits of time and energy you will save. We are talking about hours and kilowatts; and because you’re not the only legendary user, we are actually saving years and gigawatts. By using our platform friendly web tool instead of paper surveys, the use of material as well as all electricity needed for those kind of services is minimized, which you can see in the calculation further down…

In the calculation above we show the electricity and emissions saved when choosing to use SurveyLegend instead of paper surveys. Your choice makes a difference — make the right one!

Our Choices Matter!

These are just some of the examples of how we try to minimize our impact on this green planet that we all love. That’s why we made the earth illustration/diagram which is displaying these statistics in each SurveyLegend account. This is to remind ourselves that our choices matter. Even choosing an app has an impact on Mother Nature.

Besides offering an environmentally friendly service, we here at SurveyLegend try to do our best to make the world a better place. In our work, almost no paper is used; and in the case that it is used, it’s the recycled kind. All of us use public transportation when commuting between job and home, and in our everyday life we try to make more green choices. We hope that we can inspire you do to the same. If you need ideas or have questions to ask, please go to our forum where you can find or start all sorts of interesting discussions.

Life cycle assessment and research done by Johan Jeraeus,
 Master in applied climate strategy.