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We offer surveys and questionnaires for revolutionary students and academics! Easy to create, beautiful and powerful academic surveys.

Not that long ago, we ourselves were students and we know how academic surveys can play an important role in educational projects and academic research.

For instance, when writing a thesis or conducting research, gathering data and feedback, using an online service is inevitable. The data you collect helps you put more solid evidence behind your research. The better quality data you get, the better it can support or disprove your hypothesis. Attractive and engaging surveys help you get higher quality data and a higher submission rate.

With SurveyLegend you create a survey, design it so it becomes a head turner :) and share it how ever you see fit. Your data is gathered and presented visually, in our real time live analytics. If you want to further evaluate your data you can always download your results as excel or csv to your computer or straight to your google drive. You can even share your data publicly or privately with your teachers or colleagues in the department. Whatever you need, SurveyLegend is your friend-in-need.

When conducting quantitative research for your academic surveys, gathering large quantity of responses is a must, to have valid and acknowledged data. To do this you can choose to go three ways, 1) paper surveys, 2) boring and hard to use online survey providers like our competitors or 3) with SurveyLegend a legendary way. Your choice is obviously SurveyLegend :D

With us you save time from creating a survey to the first response received, you can start evaluating your data collected in minutes and no trees will have to suffer, like those old days when people did boring paper-based surveys. SurveyLegend for academic research, is the greatest fit since peanut butter and jelly ;)

With our solution you’re super flexible and platform independent, meaning you can create academic surveys on your computer or tablet. If that wasn’t enough, we have made sure that surveys look astonishing on all devices be it smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers.

We are here to help, whether you are planning on conducting quantitative research, qualitative research, polls, attitude questionnaires or open text surveys.


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Examples of Academic Surveys and Questionnaires