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There are tons of reasons you may want to share your survey results with others, but we have engineered a handful of different ways to give you the power you need.

Do you want to instantly share results with your respondents so they can see how other people voted? Have you done research for a client, and want to show them the collected data? Or perhaps you have a live event, and want to show your guests how their votes effect your Live Analytics in realtime.

Whatever your reasons may be for sharing your data, and whoever you want to share it with, we have your back in a legendary way. Imagine everyone seeing how people respond to your questions in realtime, and how the beautiful diagrams change as votes come in. Imagine that visitors can even share the same results page with their friends or colleagues, which, in its turn, can increase your survey participation rate so you can gather even more data.

There are some very important things you need to keep in mind, when sharing results with others; most importantly, handling respondent’s personally identifiable data. One of our fundamental principles is making a safe and secure survey tool, both for you as a survey creator, and for your respondents who trust both you and us. Therefore, we have implemented a series of strategies to give you the power of sharing, while keeping your participants’ information protected.

Nevertheless, the power is yours, and you’re the one who decides how to use it. You are the one who has ultimate responsibility – as emphasised in our terms. So, we strongly recommend you read more about each sharing method, and learn how to enjoy each method while staying on the safe side ;) Listed below are some details about the possibilities for sharing collected data.


Share survey results instantly Share instantly when a survey is completed

This is a very popular feature for those who want to show their respondents how others have voted on the same questions. It is used particularly in online polls, for which there are usually only one or very few questions. However, you can activate it for any survey or questionnaire that you like.

When enabling this feature, you allow participants to see the results immediately after they have voted. We have made sure that no personally identifiable information is shown to visitors when you use this feature. And keep in mind that incorporating this feature can potentially increase the amount of data you can collect.

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Share survey results with linkShare using a public link

This method of sharing the results is especially useful if you want to share your collected data after your research ends, either on its own or along with a report. This is also a perfect feature for public polls and questionnaires, such as predictions for sports and games, political surveys for elections, or anything that has to do with public opinion.

You can activate this feature at any time you wish, to safely send it to whomever you like. Just like the previous method of sharing, visitors who come to this public link will not be able to see any personally identifiable data. And like instant sharing using a public results link can potentially increase the amount of data you collect.

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Share survey results with private linkShare using a private link

There are many cases in which you need to share all collected data with another person. The person could be your client, your boss, or simply your colleague or friend. In this case, you can use a private link that is activated or deactivated on demand. Data transmission is encrypted and secure, and goes through an HTTPS connection. But be careful when using this feature, because anyone who gets this link can monitor the full summary of collected data in realtime; and – if you allow them – even download the data locally or export it to their Google Drive. It is your personal responsibility to protect your respondents’ data!

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Share raw data

Sharing raw survey data using Google Drive is another way to share with others. This is especially useful when you intend to make a custom report, or filter data, before sharing it. You can simply export the results to your Google Drive, modify the presentation if you wish, and from there, share it privately or publicly. Need to learn how to share files or folders located on your Google Drive? Check out Google’s guide. Unlike the other methods of sharing survey results, this one is evidently not live.

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