trash surveys iconTrashing and Restoring Surveys

You can trash your surveys, when you do not need them anymore. To trash the selected survey, first click on the trash survey button Trash button.

Trashed surveys will end up in a trash can. It means they cannot be accessed by respondents anymore, but they will keep their collected data. Trashed surveys will be in the trash can untill you manually delete them, or until they expire and get deleted automatically by our system (as explained in our terms and privacy).

To prevent problems, we have put a nifty feature that prevents you from trashing your surveys accidentally. So when you click on the trash button, you will have to confirm the trashing action by typing the word “trash” inside a text box, and then hitting the OK button.

Information about trashing surveys

This gives you full control and ensures that no human mistake or malware will remove your precious surveys accidentally.

Trashed surveys and their data can be restored

If you change your mind after trashing a survey, you can restore it immidiately by navigating to the “trash folder in your account“. From there, find your trashed survey, click on it, and then hit the restore surveyRestore.

However, if you want to permanently delete surveys and all their collected data, you must navigate to the “trash view” and delete them from there. This can be used particularly when you want to be GDPR compliant, as you cannot store people’s personal data if not needed, for a long period of time.

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