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Sometimes all you need is a quick response. You don’t want to attarct people’s attention to too many “call to action” buttons. Therefore, removing the submit button might be a good idea.

This is an example of a short survey, embedded in a website to collect feedback very quickly.


When you are in CREATE step, by clicking on the “submit” button at the end of the survey you get access to a setting that enables you to remove the submit button. Turning that ON will have a few serious consequences.


Because you will not have a Submit button, anything that must happen after submitting the survey will not happen anymore. For example if you have a Thank you page it will not show up at the end; the public analytics page will not be displayed to respondents who answer all the questions; the Instant notifications features will not work anymore, because all of these only work when a respondent completes the survey and clicks on the submit button.

Responses collected for this survey will not be marked as completed, since that is what happens when the submit button is clicked. This means in your Live analytics page or exported data, you cannot see any data about completed survey. However, surveyLegend still collects all data while it is being entered.


Removing the submit button may be useful if you embed a short and single-page survey on a web-page. If you are sharing your questionnaire using a link, do not remove the submit button!

You can embed surveys in webpages, for instance in a website sidebar, like a widget. This will be useful when you want to collect quick feedback, but you do not necessarily care if respondents submit their responses. In such cases, a cleaner UI will be more desired.

You may also want to have an embedded survey in a webpage, but intend to use your own custom buttons underneath the embedded survey to direct respondents to other pages or other survey. In this case, having several “call to action buttons” may not be desired, so you may choose to remove the submit button.


You may have a Tthank you page in your survey but remove the submit button. But you can still show the Thank you page conditionally, using the Skip to logic, and by skipping to the Thank you page!

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