Mailchimp iconIntegration with Mailchimp

By connecting any of your questionnaires with your Mailchimp account, all email addresses that your respondents put in will be automatically collected and added into any of your chosen Mailchimp ‘list’.

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This way you can easily use SurveyLegend for registration and lead generation, and get the contact details (emails) you collect smartly organised under a section in your chosen list, and the section will have the same title as this questionnaire.


To make this integration work properly, you must use the smart question of email icon Email. Also make sure to make it ‘required’.

How to integrate any questionnaire with Google Sheets

It’s super easy. Just follow these simple steps and enjoy.

  1. Navigate to ‘Integrations’ tab

    By going to configure step of any of your questionnaires, and then clicking on Integrations tab, you can find a list of all SurveyLegend integrations.

  2. Connect your questionnaire with Mailchimp

    Find the Mailchimp integration in the list of SurveyLegend integrations. Then click on the Connect connect icon button.

  3. Login to your Mailchimp account

    When you press the connect button, you will be asked to login to your Mailchimp Account by clicking on Login to Mailchimp button. This will give permission to SurveyLegend to add entries to your mailing lists.

  4. Choose a mailing list

    In the next step, you will have the possibility to choose an existing mailing list from your Mailchimp account. When respondents give you their contact info, we will add them to your chosen mailing list.

  5. Done

    Now all is set. Just click the Done button and leave the rest of the work for us.


Data only from those respondents who have submitted their responses (those who pressed the submit button) will be sent to Mailchimp.


Mailchimp prevents adding the same email in multiple audiences to prevent duplicates and billing for contacts that have the same email. SurveyLegend automatically filters out email addresses that are denied by Mailchimp, see this Mailchimp help page.

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