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With SurveyLegend, we make sure that you reach your crowd with an engaging and beautiful survey. By being platform independent, your respondents choose where and how they want to give you their feedback. SurveyLegend surveys look great on every device, every time. We are in an era where smartphones and tablets rule the world. Less then 50% of online surveys are viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. Your survey needs to be designed and optimized for smartphones, tablets and all web browsers. SurveyLegend solves it all for you and makes sure your surveys look amazing on every device.

One solution to rule them all, one solution to reach them all.” SurveyLegend 2014

surveys on mobile phonesMobile-Ready Online Surveys

More then 50% of all online surveys today are opened using mobile devices. This requires using a survey solution that offers your respondents the option to do just that – respond using their smartphones. SurveyLegend was built from the very beginning to be platform independent and mobile-ready, satisfying the needs of you and your respondents. Online surveys made with SurveyLegend look amazing on every smartphone device, and leave a lasting impression. With visually appealing smartphone-ready surveys, you will receive higher response rates, and have happier survey participants. SurveyLegend enables this with professionally designed themes and responsive design in focus.

Please remember that surveys which are opened on old or unusual mobile phones not considered to be smartphones might not look as good or even be shown.
If your focus is to reach your audience on their smartphones (mobile devices), then we highly recommend that you present one question per page in your survey.
To do so, drag and drop one question first, and then a page break. Repeat this for all survey questions. Research shows that you will get a higher response rate on a mobile device when respondents don’t have to scroll to answer all questions.

surveys on TabletsTablet-Ready Online Surveys

Tablet devices have a significant market share and have sales of tablets have even surpassed that of laptops. This makes support for tablet devices something that every software developer needs to consider. We at SurveyLegend have been focusing on tablets from Day One. We made it very easy for you to create surveys on your tablet using your browser, just as if you are using a native survey app. However, we did not stop there! We made sure that participating in a SurveyLegend survey using a tablet would be an unforgettable experience, no matter which kind of tablet (iPad, Android tablet or Windows tablet). We accomplished this with our pre-designed visual themes which have responsive design in focus, creating a jaw dropping experience for every respondent participating in your survey with a tablet.

Surveys opened in very old or unusual tablets might not look good or be shown at all.
If your target audience is tablet users, then we highly recommend that you present two or three questions per page.
Drag and drop two or three questions, then a page break, and so on. Research shows that you will get a higher response rate on mobile devices when respondents don’t have to scroll to answer all questions.

surveys on ComputersComputer-Ready Online Surveys

Whichever computer you may be using – Mac, Windows, or Linux – SurveyLegend supports them all. With high quality design and user experience as our main focus, we managed to offer a very easy to use yet powerful survey app. Giving you, the survey creator, all the power to create beautiful, unforgettable surveys, for every device on which they appear. Your respondents that open surveys created using SurveyLegend on their computers are in for a very pleasant surprise, that is guaranteed to change their feelings about participating in surveys.

Surveys opened in really old and outdated browsers might not look good or be shown at all.
If you want to have a higher response rate, then we highly recommend that you present five to ten questions per page.
Drag and drop five or ten questions, then a page break, and so on. Tests show that you get a higher response rate when scrolling is avoided and participants have a clear view of how long the survey is.
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