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Occasionally, you may receive emails from us, informing you about possibilities, features, or professional survey tips and tricks. To be totally transparent, we can tell you that you will receive emails on certain days after your registration at SurveyLegend (day 3, day 7, day 14, and day 21)*.

However, you may occasionally and very rarely receive emails that might have a promotional nature, or contain eventual campaigns or interesting news. We never want to spam you with irrelevant or irritating emails, since we know everyone – including us – suffers from them. Therefore, we have included an unsubscribe link in these emails, so that you can easily opt out from them at any time. Just keep in mind if you unsubscribe from newsletter emails, you will no longer receive emails of this type in the future.

* This is what we have decided for now; but if we change anything, we will let you know via this page.


Currently our automated unsubscribing system doesn’t work. Please fill in the following form manually, and we will take you away form the mailing list as soon as possible.
We do apologize for any inconvinience that this may create for you!

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