Right-to-Left Surveys Have Never Been this Right!

Right to left (RTL) surveys have never been so right.

Create Surveys in Right-to-Left,

beautiful & very easy to use

Survey made in a RTL language such as Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, or Urdu

If you want to create a survey, form, or poll in a RTL language such as Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Dari, Pashto, or Urdu, etc.. we’re here for you.

We’ve made it super easy to add and edit right to left content. All is done simply by drag & drop.

No matter if you choose to create your questionnaires in right to left on a tablet or a computer, SurveyLegend just works awesomely every single time!

Create surveys, forms, polls, in any right-to-left language.

Design and Layout that Adapts to Your Language

Easily design surveys or forms in a right-to-left language

With SurveyLegend everyone is a designer

right to left survey themes icon

We believe it should be easy to design beautiful surveys. Therefore we offer more than 70 pre-designed themes for you to choose from. All themes support surveys, forms, polls and questionnaires with right-to-left layout.

If you can’t find the right theme or colors that suits your needs and brand, you can effortlessly upload custom backgrounds, logos, and images to entirely customize the way everything looks. No need to worry even then! Our system adapts and support your personally designed right to left survey, form, poll or questionnaire.

Looks Great on Every Device

With a layout that supports right-to-left languages

Mobile-ready right-to-left surveys

Every survey you create will automatically be mobile-ready. Share your right to left supported surveys to the world and be confident that the surveys will look astonishing.

No matter what devices your respondents participate on; iPhones, iPads, Androids phones and tablets, Windows Phone, BlackBerry…it all just works.

Responsive survey with right-to-left layout

Real-Time Analytics, Compatible with Right-to-Left Languages

Survey analytics for right-to-left languages

Make those critical, game changing decisions on the go

live survey analytics

To keep you up-to-date with the latest feedback from your audience we made certain you can reach your data on the go, with our unique and innovative Mobile-Phone-Ready live analytics.

So if your forms or surveys are made in any RTL language, their respective analytics view will also be right to left.

Wasn’t that enough? So let us tell you that there is no need to instal an app. Simply login on your mobile device, and enjoy the data right there in the palm of your hand.

We support those who look at things, from a different angle!

We offer survey features that are compatible with right-to-left language layouts

With variety of interactive question types

Is your beautiful language written from right to left? With us, you can create greatly looking surveys, forms or polls in your language. All of our interactive question types are compatible with RTL languages.

Simply enable the right to left setting and let your questionnaires shine like never before. You have our sincerest apologies if we forgotten to mention your amazing language, but we do support it :)

Our System Supports Even Bidirectional Typing

for when you need to used a word in your text, from another language

Create bidirectional surveys

Sometimes some words such as names, brand names, or professional terms, look more correct when written in the original language. But having those right-to-left words, in the middle of a left-to-right text.

But we have thought about that too! Don’t worry, just naturally switch your keyboard while typing, type the word in the original language, and then switch back your keyboard. Everything will still be correctly displayed on the screen, as if that LTR word is a part of your own language.

Create bidirectional surveys, forms, polls, and type both from right-to-left or left-to-right.

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