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Survey Templates for Schools and Teachers


Survey Templates for Schools and Teachers

Education and School is all About Learning

Education has and will always have an important role in our lives, so we believe it’s necessary that our education is competent and rewarding. This can be achieved by measure the performance of the school, college or university by gathering feedback with the help of surveys and questionnaires. Whether you need to understand the factors that outline faculty satisfaction, or feedback from students on a course, an online survey can reveal data that will improve courses, practice, and overall performance.

Parents, students, teachers, professors, and administrators can all benefit from professional surveys being conducted. Creating a survey with SurveyLegend super is easy and fun. Create a survey, share your beautiful mobile-ready survey and analyze the feedback collected in real time using our gorgeous live analytics page or export the data gathered as excel, csv, pdf to your computer or straight to your Google drive.
Legendary surveys and questionnaires for Education

Surveys have an important role in assuring the quality of an school, university and education. By tapping into the feedback from students, teachers and the parents, the deans, head teachers and department heads can improve courses, teaching methods, processes and, therefore, the overall quality. The feedback from the students will reveal areas a school, university or institution can improve, be it courses, teaching methods and processes. Using SurveyLegend this becomes a breeze :)

Engaging with the staff will help the you, deans, head teachers and department heads to understand the employee satisfaction at the work. By understanding what factors influence the mood and spirit of a staff room, working towards having a happy and stimulating environment for the teachers to work in becomes a dance in the park. Never forget happy teachers leads to improved results in the classrooms, something every student and parent will be happy for.

Parents play an as important role as the students and teachers do in the success of a school or university. With SurveyLegend you can easily tap into the feedback from parents with a survey or questionnaire helping you as a teacher or dean make those critical decisions for your school or university with the help of the parents. Conduction time to time online surveys help you involve the entire educational community in the decision-making, as every professional school or university should be doing. Using SurveyLegend to do so will assure a legendary great experience for all parties involved.

Online exams

And don’t forget that with our solution, you can make amazing, visual and interactive exams and quizzes. Your students will be longing to answer them and you’ll be longing to see how their responses are visualized for you in our Live analytics, in real time.

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