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After you publish your beautiful online survey, all you want is to know as soon as people respond to it.

Therefore we have engineered a system that informs you about new responses to your surveys at certain intervals. To keep your inbox less crowded, we send you new responses emails, according to the following chart:

  • One email for 1st survey response, and one after 5th (total 2 emails)
  • From 10th  to 100th response, you receive 1 email for every 25 new responses (total 4 emails)
  • From 101st to 500th, 1 email for every 50 new responses (total 8 emails)
  • From 501st to 1.000th, 1 email for every 100 new responses (total 5 emails)

After 1.000 responses, we won’t send you any more notification emails and you should check your account manually.
So all in all, this means until the time your survey collects 1.000 responses, you will receive a total of 19 email notifications.

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