Tweak your survey’s colors and look & feel

Customize the look and feel of your questionnaires, to reflect the true identity of your brand.

Choose one of our carefully designed colour palettes, search and find a beautiful visual style that truly represents your brand's look & feel.

dark or light survey themesTweak the look & feel using moods

You can easily change the general look and feel of your survey, using moods. Sometimes a dark look and feel may seem more exclusive, or simply work better with some backgrounds. While in other cases a light look and feel may make your questionnaire look more friendly or more spacey.

Also, whenever you think a more conventional look and feel works better, simply use the Classic mood. The Classic mood adds a white paper-like background under your survey questions, which can enhance the readability of question texts.

Backdrop layerRemove the backdrop layer

Enabling this setting removes the backdrop layer from your questionnaire. the Dark and Light moods have a fullscreen and semi-transparent backdrop layer, which is added to enhance the readability; and the Classic mood has a paper-looking background for the same reason.

However, sometimes you may want to show your uploaded background sharply and clearly with all their glory. Specially for embedded surveys which you want them to look like the rest of your website and reflect your brand identity.

Just make sure the text is readable when you turn off the backdrop layer.

Backdrop layers are added to insrease readability of the text. But sometimes with the right bacgrounds you won't need them at all.

branded surveysChoose your color palette

Choosing a unique color palette will help you create a branded custom theme.

In a questionnaire, certain visual elements such as checkboxes, progress bars, radio buttons, buttons, etc., will get affected by the color palettes that you choose for your theme.

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