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Enabling instant survey notifications, our system notifies you by email as soon as someone finishes your questionnaire. This feature is very powerful, and optimized for use in surveys, and specially online forms that are embedded in your web-page, blog or social media.

Often surveys that are used for direct communication with participants greatly benefit from enabling survey notifications. For example, when you use surveys and forms for support, customer feedback, competition, sales, contact forms and more…

Every time you get a new response our system will send an email to inform you about this. If your survey is created and meant to go viral we don’t recommend enabling instant survey notification. Becasue you will receive massive amount of emails that may be a bit annoying.

We have already emplemented a feature that priodically sends you a summary of responses your survey has collected so far. You don’t have to enable this feature, as it is enabled by default for all surveys. So, don’t worry. We will always keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest ; ). Read more about Survey Summary Notifications

But If you still need to be informed about every new response, then we recommend enabling instant survey notifications. They will help you connect faster to the respondent that just finished the survey, form, or poll.

How to enable

You can enable Instant Survey Notifications in two different ways. Just follow the following instructions:

1: For new surveys

  1. First start making a survey by clicking on Creating Free Online Surveys Create a new survey button
  2. Then you will see a page in which you can assign a name to your survey, and set some additional settings for it. This is called the “Configure” step.
  3. Now in the Survey settings iconSettings section, turn on “Instant notifications Feature ON“, by toggling the ON/OFF button.

2: For your existing surveys

If you already have made a survey and want to enable this feature for, you either edit the survey do the instructions described above, or:

  1. Choose your survey by clicking on its name in your survey list.
  2. Then simply click on quick survey settings icon Quick settings tab
  3. Then simply turn on “Instant survey notifications Feature ON“, by toggling the ON/OFF button.

How to unsubscribe

You do not need to unsubscribe from instant notification emails. All you need to do is to go to your survey, and turn OFF Instant notifications Feature OFF“, by toggling the ON/OFF button..

Please make sure you don’t mark us as SPAM, if you have this feature ON. If you mark us as SPAM, other users might get affected as well and they might not be able to receive email notifications. That’s how email providers work; they may believe that we’re really sending spam messages to people and therefore block all emails which are being send from SurveyLegend 🙁
So if the emails start to get annoying, please firstly edit your survey settings and turn this feature OFF! Alternatively, you can set your email program to filter and move all these types of emails into a custom folder. Theis way they won’t populate your inbox anymore 🙂

To learn how, please read this article for Gmail users, and this one for Outlook users.

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