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Using Instructions for respondents gives great advantages when a question is complex and you want to be sure the respondent understands what you’re asking for. Being able to understand a question is essential to providing an honest answer and minimize non-response bias.

What is your full name?

We need this to be able to verify your membership at our institute.

What is your email address?

We need your email to be able to send you information about your results of this survey.

Examples above show how the “Instrcutions for respondents” feature can be used, to clarify reasosn of data collection; which is a good practive when making your surveys compliant with GDPR.


How to enable this setting

To add extra information to your questions do the following steps:

  1. First make sure you are in the ‘Create’ step
  2. Then click on the respective question, to go to ‘edit mode’
  3. In the settings panel on the left side, find ‘Instructions for respondents’
  4. Toggle the ON/OFF button to turn it on.
  5. Now a new text box is added under the question, in which you can type the instructions or extra information for your respondents.

When enabling Instructions for respondents we automatically present it as an icon that can be clicked on by the respondent when participating. By clicking on the ? Icon the instruction/help text is shown and can be collapsed by clicking on the same icon. This interaction helps save space and minimize scrolling on smaller screens like smart phones, tablets and touchscreen devices.

How to make the instruction text constantly visible

If you prefer make the help/instruction text constantly visible for example to minimize the risk of missing the information by the respondents, then you can enable the “Always visible instructions”. This toggle button appears after enabling Instructions for respondents setting.

Instruction for respondents is available in:

Survey Field: Text boxText boxSurvey Field: Number boxNumber boxSurvey Field: Text CommentComment boxSurvey Field: Multiple text boxesMultiple text boxesSurvey Field: Single selectionSingle selectionSurvey Field: Multiple selectionMultiple selectionSurvey Field: Rating - starsRating: starsSurvey Field: Rating - slidersRating: sliderSurvey Field: Rating - TernaryRating: ternarySurvey Field: Rating - binaryRating: binarySurvey Field: drop down listDropdown listSurvey Field: EmailSmart field: EmailSurvey Field: NameSmart field: NameSurvey Field: NameSection breakSurvey Field: NameWelcome pageSurvey Field: NameThank you pageSurvey Field: NameMedia GalleryNet promoter scoreNPS


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