Designing Surveys

SurveyLegend offers a series of beautifully designed survey themes. When you are done making your survey, click on the “Design” button in the creation steps. You will have a lot of choices and can easily pick a beautiful visual theme for your survey.

Survey themesProfessionally Designed Survey Themes

If you don’t find a theme that suits your branding, we have provided a series of colourful simple and gorgeously textured backgrounds that hopefully will suit your visual identity design.

We have made sure that it is easy for you to explore the themes by presenting them as small thumbnails, allowing you to see how they look without needing to apply them to your survey.

find survey themesSearchable themes

You can also search through the themes using the search or sorting function, making it even easier to find the exact background that fits your needs. When looking for a theme, simply try searching for relevant keyword, for example, you can search for keywords such as “light”, “dark”, “happy”, “cute”, etc., or look for color names, objects or even places.

If you are conducting a survey on an audience with slow internet connections, try using one of our themes that have tiled backgrounds. Tiled backgrounds are very small PNG files, which are repeated like a pattern, as a background of the survey. Becasue they are small in filesize, the survey will load much faster. Simply search for any of these keywords to find them in our theme collection: “pattern”, “textture”, “optimized”, “optimised”, or “tiled”.

mobile ready surveysMobile-ready Survey Themes

You who are designers already know that it’s a big challenge to design a responsive web page that is supposed to look awesome on every browser – on both big desktop screens and the small screens of mobile phones and tablets. But we’ve overcome this challenge for online surveys with our themes.

All our visual themes are designed from scratch to be look gorgeous not only on mobile devices, but also when viewed on large screens. They are also made to be browser-friendly, which means they support a wide range of web browsers, and browser versions, old and new.

However, when you are designing a survey, all you need to do is pick a theme that you like. Our system takes care of the rest. You don’t need to be worried about manually assigning themes for each device. Our themes smartly adapt their appearance according to the platform they are accessed on.

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