What does ‘answered’ and ‘skipped’ mean in analytics

In Live Analytics, each question card has a footer bar. In the footer bar, you will two numbers, ladled as Answered, and Skipped. This simply indicates how many participants have answered and how many have skipped answering that specific question.

But I had a required question which was skipped, how?

  1. The way we collect data: Don’t forget that SurveyLegend collects and stores respondents’ answers in real-time. Sometimes respondent answer a few questions in the beginning of your survey, and then get tired or distracted and never finish the survey. In this case, our system collects their responses for the first a few questions, and marks the other ones as “skipped”, since they never answered them.
  2. The way logic flows work: Most of the times, survey logic is used to hide, show, or skip certain questions in a survey. However, questions which are ‘hidden’ or ‘skipped’ may be originally required questions. But the logic always wins, and can “hide” a question for respondents. In such cases, even if the question is required, it will be marked as ‘skipped’ in your collected data.
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