Editing online surveysEditing Surveys

You can always edit your survey at any time by simply click on the edit survey Edit button.


remember that editing a survey that is already live and people are participating in is not recommended by us because:

  1. It can effect the reliability of your survey. For instance, when you change the way a question is asked, that might effect the way participants are answering that question. Therefore, when you edit a published survey which has already collected some data, you cannot always guarantee that all the collected data is accurate.
  2. If you add or remove survey fields, you will effect your collected statistics in a negative way. We collect data both for your account statistics and for individual survey statistics, based on all survey fields that are used in your online survey (questions, page breaks, etc..).
    However, if you remove a question for instance, all the related data that is collected so far for that specific question will disappear both from the Live Analytics and from the exportable data, and you will not have any way to recover them. So, please make sure you consider all this before editing your surveys!
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