Required answersDisplaying question numbers automatically

By switching a button, you can automatically add numbers to survey questions. This will be saving you lots of time, because if you ever need to change order the questions or add or remove questions, you won’t need to manually click on every question in your survey one-by-one, to update the question numbers.

To add numbers to questions automatically, go to the Create step, then click on a question in your survey and you will notice a button like this: Equwstion numbers icon on top of the question text, along with other rich-text-editing buttons. By clicking on the number you can activate question numbers for all questions in the questionnaires.

If you have the Logic step activated, you cannot turn ON the question numbers. The reason is that usually having a logic flow means one or more questions within the survey will be hidden. Since this can create a confusion for your respondents (for example to suddenly jump from question 2 to question 10, due to a logic flow), our system does not allow you to activate the automatic question numbering feature. If you really need to have question numbers in this case, you must type them manually, carefully calculating which number is right for which question.
In preview mode, you can temporarily show the question numebrs for testing purposes, even if you have the logic step activated.
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