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When you are in your survey account, you will notice small colourful badges containing numbers beside some of the survey names in your survey list. Those little notification badges appear, only when you have received new responses for surveys since your previous visit; they disappear as soon as you click on the Live Analytics for that survey.

So, if you check a survey’s live analytics, then log out or close the browser, and come back to your survey account, you may see a new notification badge, indicating the number of new participations for your survey since your last check-in.

These notification badges make round numbers after responses reach 1000. So if, for instance, you have 1001 responses, you will see a notification badge with the text “1K”; meaning your survey has gotten more than one thousand responses. If your survey collects 1500 new responses, the notification badge will read “1.5K”, and if you collect more than 1 million responses, it will read “1M”.

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