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All of our survey question types let you attach images to them. It is sometimes hard to ask a question, using only text. For instance, you may want to refer to a picture for further clarification of the subject, or ask about specific products which might be confusing or hard to remember for your participants. By adding images to your questions, you can ask things that are otherwise impossible to ask when using other survey tools!

With SurveyLegend, you can easily add pictures to your question and reduce the amount of text you otherwise would need to use to describe the subject. This makes your surveys much more interesting and increases your response rate.

By adding images to your questions, you can ask things that are impossible to ask, if you use other survey tools! ;) This example shows use of SurveyLegend for online exams.


Unlike the pictures used in the branding field, which always appear like a banner at the top of each survey page, and has size restirctions, pictures that you add to your survey questions are very flexible in size. The width of your uploaded pictures will always be automatically reduced to the width of the questionnaire page, but the height of your picture will not change. Therefore, If you upload an picture that has a huge vertical proportion, it will make it very hard for the participants to see the actual survey and interact with it. You have the freedom to upload what you want, but you should choose wisely if you want a high participation rate.

Pictures used in questions are recommended to be 800px wide, but they are flexible in height.


The taller your image is, the taller the question will become. This means rest of the contents will be pushed further down. If you have to make a tall image, make sure your participants will understand that they have to scroll down to reach the Start button.

Images that are smaller than 800px in width, will not be scaled up to fit the welcome page. Their original size will be preserved, to show your survey participants a high quality image. Small images will always be aligned to center. Recommended image size is 1600px in width.

Ask your entire question using pictures

This feature has been of great interest and use to designers, illustrators, architects and creative professionals. Because it not only empowers them in making beautiful visual surveys, it also gives the possibility for designing survey questions graphically. This opens up a whole new world of making branded surveys that look astonishing and motivate respondents.

To ask your questions visually, you can simply design them using your favourite picture editing program and upload them into your surveys. If you like, you can leave your question box empty, and only use the picture area for the question.

You can design custom images that contain your questions. This gives you more styling power and you can make people relate more to your questions.


Just remember that if you don’t type any question and leave the question box empty, no text or number will show up in your exported data or live analytics. Make sure that you can recognize the collected data and connect it to your questions. Alternatively, you can add a number or small character that helps you recognize questions when previewing the collected data.
Uploaded pictures are stretched to the side margins of the survey page. However, you may need some padding around your uploaded pictures. To do so, try adding the desired padding to the picture itself, and export it as a transparent PNG picture.
The accepted picture formats are JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP, but there are no file size restrictions, because our system automatically resizes the images before uploading them. Additionally, to get the best visual results, please make sure that your picture is at least 700 pixels wide. The height is flexible according to your needs, and according to where you want the picture to be used.
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