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Multiple Text Box survey field is in fact a combination of several text boxes into one. The only difference is that each text box has its own unique label. It’s a great alternative to creating a general question with several sub-questions.

For instance, when asking for an address, the Multiple Text Box survey field comes in handy. Because you can assign each text box as a part of the address (street, postal code, city, country, etc…). Doing so will help you to collect data which is already uniform and organized.

Multiple Tex Box question type can also be used for order ranking questions. For instance, you can provide a list of 5 items, and ask your respondents to rank the items from 1 to 5, by typing the numbers in front of each item.

you cannot set input limitations on multiple text boxes.



After adding a Multiple text box question to your form, click or tap on it to activate the Edit Mode and access the settings panel. You can easily customize the Multiple text box question. Multiple text box offers the following customization possibilities:


By enabling this settings, you will demand the respondents to answer this question. This means when this setting is ON, respondents have to type inside all text boxes within your Multiple text boxquestion, be able to continue to the next page of your survey, or submit the survey. If they don’t fill in all the text boxes, we will visually notify them that they cannot continue to next page or submit the survey, before answering the question. Read more about when you ‘should’ or ‘should not’ require respondents to answer questions in your online questionnaires.


Enabling this setting will allow you to add a large, edge-to-edge image right under the question. If your question needs further explanation using a picture or illustration, you can easily upload it here. Read more about best practices of adding pictures to survey questions.

Additionally, you can add a custom link to the picture after you upload one. Linked images can act as banners, helping you promote something or add incentives for your respondents to finish a survey. They can also help you create download links, or lead users to other pages or your other surveys. Read more about adding links pictures in your survey.


Sometimes you may need to explain further, or add tips or instructions for your respondents. Enabling this feature will activate an extra text box in which you can type these instructions. By default, these additional instructions appear as a little button with a question mark inside them, right under the question. When clicked, they expand and show your additional text.

Instead, if you prefer to constantly display this text, please activate “Always visible instructions” option. This will directly display the additional instructions under the question, and respondents do not have to manually click on it to display it. Read more about adding further instructions or tips for survey questions.

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