data filter iconFiltering collected survey data

Sometimes partitioning the data based on different sections may help you boost your analysis and obtain better results.

Currently SurveyLegend offers the following filtering possibilities:


statistics date rangeDate range (filter by date)

You can preview survey statistics within certain time frames. By default, Live Analytics shows the statistics from the second you have published your survey, until the current moment.

However, you can limit the time easily by choosing a start date, and an end date. That will trim the collected data to the chosen date range.

To apply a date range and filter the collected data, do the following steps:

  1. Go to live analytics for surveys Live Analytics of the respective survey
  2. Then find the statistics date rangeDate range panel,
  3. Now choose a start date iconStart date, and start date iconEnd date
  4. Then click on the start date iconApply button


Now the Live Analytics starts calculating and reloads the data from your applied date range.

Additionally, you will also have the chance to filter the data, when you export them with a spreadsheet file format, which helps you to easily sort, or filter your survey data.For example you can sort the data to find duplicate IPs or other identifiers. Read this guide to learn more about filtering the data in Google Drive.

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