Configuring settings of questions and fields in surveys

As you know, to edit a survey field you should just click or tap on it. This activates “edit mode”, which allows you to modify the content, adjust field settings, and to duplicate or remove the field. When you are in edit mode, you will see that the side bar switches to the Edit survey fields settings edit tab. In this section, we only focus on available settings in the edit tab, and describe how they work and for which survey fields they are available. However, we have already explained these settings in the Survey fields section in details, where applicable. This page only intends to show all types of modifications and customizations that you can do in the survey fields, at one place.
converting questions icons Converting question types
compulsary questions icons Making survey questions required
compulsary questions icons Displaying question numbers
input format icon Choosing input formats
min - max icon Setting “Acceptable range”
rating type icon Changing “Rating type”
rating range icon Scaling “Rating range”
upload picture in survey icon Using pictures in surveys
link picture icon Adding redirect links to pictures
upload picture in survey icon Enabling “Linked button”
survey submit button icon Removing “Submit button”
upload picture in survey icon Enabling “Other” choice
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