Managing Surveys

As explained earlier in Getting started, when you log into your account, under the My surveys section, you see a sortable list of all your surveys.

sort icon Sorting surveys

You can easily sort your surveys by the time they are created, or alphabetically, using a sorting dropdown menu which is located on top of the survey list.

sort icon Searching for surveys

You can also search for a specific survey using the search box.

It’s a good idea to rename your surveys properly, to be able to find them more easily using the search box.

preview iconQuick preview of surveys

To quickly preview your previously created surveys, you can simply click or tap on survey thumbnails. Then you will get a quick preview of the selected survey on the right hand side in the “Dashboard”. This helps you shuffle through your surveys and remember which one is which one, in case you have not renamed your surveys properly.

This is a passive preview, which means if you interact with your survey no data will be collected. Read more about previwing your surveys here.

Selecting a survey not only provides you with the possibility of quickly previewing it on the right hand side, but also gives you several options to work with your surveys. Further down, we will go through all provided options in the dashboard in detail:

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