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The Rating survey field provides you the possibility of asking questions with different rating types. You can easily change the rating (or ranking) to stars, sliders, ternary, or binary. The main difference between these different forms of rating is in two things:

  1. The visual appearance: Different rating symbols (answers) may help respondents to symbolize their opinions about the subject of the question.
  2. The rating range: Some of the rating types let you adjust the rating range. Read more this in Scale “Rating range” section.


Depending on the themes you may choose in the design step, the visual appearance of the rating types might change. For example a star might appear as a heart in a specific theme.

The response formats used in surveys vary depending on the type of question being asked. Rating responses can be as simple as a choice between “Yes” or “No” or as complex as choosing an answer among seven response options.We recommend you to read the following guide to learn more about different rating question types.

What are Likert-Type Scale Responses, when to use them + lots of examples What are Likert-Type Scale Responses, when to use them


Changing rating type is available in:

Survey Field: Rating - starsRating: stars • Survey Field: Rating - slidersRating: slider • Survey Field: Rating - TernaryRating: ternary • Survey Field: Rating - binaryRating: binary


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