Creating Free Online Surveys

Creating online surveys with SurveyLegend is easier and cooler than any other online survey solution. Go ahead and hit the Create a new survey button and start making your beautiful survey. After you click on the button, you will be taken to a new view, which we call the “create area”.

At the top of the create area, you will see a bar that shows you all the steps you need to go through to create and share your gorgeous survey to your respondents. You can exit survey creation at any time, simply by clicking on the exit survey creation Exit , or by using the navigation menu. Your changes will always be automatically saved and you can continue working on your survey at any time from any device, be it a tablet or computer. Don’t worry about losing your Internet connection while you are working on your survey. As soon as your device reconnects to the Internet, all your changes will be automatically synced with the server and be saved.

Create step:

Here is where the magic happens. When you create an online survey, you have many ways of asking your questions. On the left sidebar, you will see a variety of “question types” or, as we call them, “survey fields”. Each survey field provides you with a unique way of asking your question. We have designed our survey fields to be flexible so that you can easily change from one to another, under the “field type” area when you are in editing mode.

Adding Questions or Survey Fields

To use a survey field, all you need to do is to click on it, or easy drag and drop simply drag and drop it into your survey.

Editing Survey Questions or Fields

To edit a survey field that you just dragged into your survey, just click or tap on it. This activates “edit mode”, which allows you to modify the content, adjust field settings, and to duplicate or remove the field. When you are in edit mode, you will see that the side bar switches to the Edit survey field edit tab.

Organizing Survey Questions or Fields

You can easily drag and drop individual survey fields to organize them. When survey fields are in edit mode, you can click or tap on the delete icon delete survey field to delete the selected field, or click on the duplicate icon duplicate survey field to make an exact copy of the selected field. Doing this will create a field with the exact same content right underneath the selected survey field. You can even drag and drop options (choices or answers) within a survey field and reorder them according to your needs.

Converting Survey Question Types or Fields

SurveyLegend is so smartly designed that you can easily convert a survey field into another type with just a simple click. When you convert survey fields, SurveyLegend transfers all the contents of the selected field (question and choices or answers), to the new field type you choose. For instance, if you make a single selection question with many choices, and decide that your question would work better as a dropdown list, you can easily change the field type while you are in edit mode, and your question will be automatically converted to a dropdown list, without losing any of your choices. Even if you change a survey field with choices (ex. multiple selection), to a field without choices (ex. text box) and again convert your survey field to a sort with choices, the system will still remember the content that you had written for your choices. So, all your time and effort will not be in vain, if you change your mind. Read more about different survey fields here.

Logic step:

In this step, you can easily add some smartness to your questionnaire. Using our Logic Flows, you can design rules for the survey, create different branches, and show, hide, or skip to certain questions based on how respondents answer. Read more about logic and branching.

Design step:

In this step, you have the possibility of choosing different visual themes for your surveys. One of SurveyLegend’s goals is to create the world’s most attractive online surveys. Here you’ll find survey themes that are perfectly designed to look astonishing on any device, from a small smartphone, to a big desktop computer. Read more about survey visual themes here.

Configure step:

In the configure step, you give your survey a name. This name helps you find your surveys easier. You are the only one who sees this survey name. If you want, you can go directly to the next step because you can always rename your surveys at any time. After you’re done with the name, click on “share” in the top navigation menu to share creating your survey.

Share step:

Sharing a survey is just a click away. When you are done with designing, go to the “Share” step and get participants for your survey in various ways. Read more about the different ways to share your surveys here.



text box survey featureCreate surveys in any language

SurveyLegend is engineered to support any language. You can simply create you free online surveys in right-to-left languages such as Persian, Arabic, Kurdish, or even languages such as Chinese or Japanese. Your participants can naturally reply to your surveys in any language as well. Your data will be saved and presented correctly both in you Live Analytics and in the exported data.

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