duplicating online surveys Duplicating Surveys

Duplicating a survey is just a click away. It is an easy and fast way to reuse a survey. If you already have a survey that you want to redistribute to new participants, or if you want to share the same survey with two different target groups and then compare the statistics, this feature really comes in handy. If your doing the same recurring surveys every month or year, the ability to duplicate surveys makes it almost effortless.


Duplocate surveys with one click


Just hit the Duplicating online surveysduplicate button, and you will get a fresh copy of your survey right away.

  1. Your duplicated survey has no statistics and is practically like a newly made survey.
  2. Your duplicated survey has a new URL. If you want to share it, you should copy the new link to that survey, by going to “Share”. Read more about sharing a survey further down.
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