Share survey results with linkShare survey results publicly using a link

This method of sharing the results is especially useful if you want to share your collected data after your research ends, either on its own or along with a report. This is also a perfect feature for public polls and questionnaires, such as predictions for sports and games, political surveys for elections, or anything that has to do with public opinion.

The biggest advantage of sharing your survey data with using this method is that you do not have to keep the recipients up-to-date with latest changes in the statistics. Because you are sending them to a Live Analytics page, they will be able to see the survey results in real-time. Let’s say you send this link to your client or supervisor, and they can just keep themselves up to date with latest changes. It is an amazing feature and saves lots of time for you and for them.

In this article: How to activate • How it works • Promoting Survey & Results • Respondents’ privacy • How to deactivate

How activate this function

You can activate this feature at any time you wish, to safely send the link to whomever you like.

To enable this function, you can choose your survey from the list, or go to the Real-time survey results Live Analytics of the respective survey, and then just follow the following instructions:

Clicking on the Share Data button gives you options of sharing your surveys privately or publicly.

  1. Find the Export / Share survey results Share Data button in your dashboard, or on the top the Action Bar in Live Analytics.
  2. Right there you will notice a setting called “Share Public Results link Feature OFF“. You can easily enable this by toggling the ON/OFF button.
  3. Enabling this setting will generate a link to the Public Results of the survey. You can copy the link, or simply click on the social media buttons beside it, to instantly share it with others.


Promote sharing of Public Results

When you enable the Public Results page, SurveyLegend gives you a promotional options as well. You can let your respondents to share the Public Results page, using the Public Link.

By default, these two settings are OFF; unless you have activated another feature called “Promote sharing of Public Results” in your survey settings. That feature requires the link to your Public Results page to be enabled. Therefore, turning off “Share Public Results link” here, will naturally disable the other feature for “Promote sharing of Public Results” as well.

“Promote sharing of Public Results” works exactly the same way because it is exactly the same component, no matter where you enable it. If you enable it in syrvey settings, it will be seen as enabled here in this menu as well. And if you disbale it from this menu, it will be seen as disabled in survey settings as well.

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PrivacyWhat about privacy of my respondents?

For SurveyLegend, privacy and security of surveyors and respondents is always the first priority. So we have have made sure to protect your respondents’ personally identifiable data, when you share the survey results publicly. That’s why we call this feature “Public Results”.

Therefore to protect personally identifiable information of your respondents, SurveyLegend removes all answers that users type manually; and the displays rest of the questions in the Public Results page. The reason behind this is that users might write their names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc… and we/you cannot publish such information online for eveyone.

The only text input that is shown in the Public Results is the text that respondents write in “other” choice of Single Selection or Multiple selection. Because this naturally will not include any personally identifiable information.

Feature OFFCan I turn this feature off again?

Yes, you can easily do it. Just go to the Configure step that survey or click on Share Data button again and trun these features off.


Share survey results Other ways of sharing your survey data…

SurveyLegend offers several secure ways to share your survey data with colleagues, clients, superwisers, or even your own survey participants. Each way of sharing the data is pre-customized for different purposes and different security levels. If this page is not about your preferred way of sharing the survey data, we recommend you to check out your other possibilities.

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