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What should happen when a survey ends? Do you want to send respondents to another web page? This could be useful in tons of different ways, and luckily we have a feature for it.

The Linked button provides you with the possibility of sending your survey respondents to a custom URL (link to any web page). You can use this possibility in many different ways. For instance, you can simply redirect your respondents to an external page (e.g. your company web page), or even to the start of the same or other online surveys at SurveyLegend.

Linked buttons at the end of your survey can be used to redirect users to external pages, in which you can place a reward or incentive. Alternatively, you can include a discount code in the Thank you page, and use the linked button to send them to where they can redeem the code.

Read more about using this feature creatively in the Thank you page section, and have a look at the following guide about optimal ways of offering rewards on the first page of your survey:

How to increase your response rate using incentives in the Welcome page of a surveyOffer a reward in the Welcome Page, and collect more responses



You may want to do a live survey in a public place using random participants. You can easily be mobile, load your survey on your tablet, and register their answers instantly. In such a case, you can link the Linked button to the very same survey. So, when you are done with one participant, you can simply click on the button to open a new survey in a new browser tab. It can’t be any easier! Read more about sharing surveys and links to your survey here…


You can enable the linked button on:

Survey Field: Thank you pageThank you page

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