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SurveyLegend collects and keeps data based on individual respondents, which is accessible when you select your survey from My Surveys dashboard, and click on the individual responses icon Individual Responses button.

The “individual responses” view is an amazing feature enabling you to instantly see every respondent’s answers and opinions. It’s a must for analyzing responses on an individual level, be it a survey or a form.

SurveyLegend collects and keeps data based on individual respondents.

The “individual responses” view empowers you to “search” for different respondents, their cities, countries, or find them by their IDs. It even shows you which device or web-browser they have used to answer your questions.



Unique IDs are auto-generated for each respondents and saved in our database, separately for each survey. So, a good idea for reviewing a respondent again can be taking a note of their ID, and using the Search function to find and review their answers in future again.

When you select a survey-respondent from the list, their responses will load on the survey preview screen on the side. By default, you will see only those questions which they have responded. This makes it easier for you to follow their progress.

However, this view displays other crucial information as well, such as participant’s geo-location, their device, or browser type.


Not every response is a qualified response. Our tool epowers you to clean your collected data, by enabling you to delete individual responses. These could be responses that aren’t finished, don’t give any insight, or those that you may have accidentally entered while testing the questionnaire.

Read more about deleting individual responses

Other respondent tracking alternatives

Note that you can also easily find and track answers of each individual respondent by exporting your survey data in Google Drive, in Excel format. As an alternative, you can download your survey data in Excel format, to your computer. Then open it in your favourite spreadsheet program.

If suitable for your surveying strategy, you can ask identifier questions first. Identifier questions are the ones that help you identify each respondent separately. They could be Name or Email smart fields, or some sort of custom code that you send out to each participant, in the same time you invite them to take part in your surveys. This helps you keep track of individual participants easier, because in the excel file, each row will start with the identifier answer.

SurveyLegend generates a unique code for each respondent, called Participant ID. This can be found in the exported data as well, and can be used to identify each individual participant. SurveyLegend records the IP-address of each participant as well, which will be exported in the collected data and in the same way can be used as an identifier.

Additionally, you will also have the chance to filter the data, when you export them with a spreadsheet file format. This helps you to easily sort, or filter your data. For example you can sort the data to find duplicate IPs or identifiers. Read this guide to learn more about filtering the data in Google Drive.
IPs are not always the best identifiers. Because in most case, people who share the same network connection will get the same IP address as well. For instance in an office, a library or student dormitory which everyone uses a shared WiFi connection, you may get several similar IP addresses in your results.SurveyLegend’s uniques Participant IDs, which we explained earlier, are better identifiers to rely on, if you want to track each individual respondents.
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