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It is possible to apply stricter requirements on some of those survey fields that users type their answers in. For example you can choose to have characters, words, or numbers as your input format. Choosing input format does two major things for you:

  1. Limit: Based on the input format that you have chosen, you can “limit” the participant’s input as well (see “Acceptable range” further down in this section). For example, you can use a “Text box” survey field, and then choose “words” as the input format for that field. Then, you can limit the answers of your participants to be between a minimum and maximum values; e.g. between 10 words to 100 words.
  2. Verify: By choosing a specific input format, you demand our system to verify that the respondents are providing the right kind of answer that you expect them to. For example if the answer to your question should be a number, and the respondent types a word instead, our system will visually notify them that their input is wrong.


You may notice that choosing input formats will automatically change the field type. For instance, when you change the input format of a “Text box” to “number”, it will automatically convert the “Text box” to a “Number box”. This is a smart part of our application. You can think about it as a quick shortcut between survey fields.


Choosing input format is available in:

Survey Field: Text boxText box • Survey Field: Number boxNumber box • Survey Field: Text CommentComment box


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