Rating rangeScale “Rating range”

In some of the rating types, you can adjust the rating range. For example, you can choose a maximum number between 3 to 10 for your Stars; or 2 to 100 for Sliders.

It all depends of your surveying strategy and the kind of data you expect to collect. Rating with Stars are conventionally 5 (e.g. Hotels), which is the default value of our Star rating type as well. This demands participants to answers a number between 1 (one star) to your maximum allowed (which can be any number between 3 to 10 stars).

But you may prefer your respondents to rate a specific subject within a larger range (e.g. films on IMDB), which requires users to provide an answer between zero (when the slider is dragged all the way to left), to a maximum number that you assign (which can be between 2 to 10).

Scaling rating range is available in:

Survey Field: Rating - starsRating: stars • Survey Field: Rating - slidersRating: slider


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