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Ratings are one of the quickest and most popular ways of collecting responses. These survey fields are used for ranged answers; for instance a range from very bad to very good.

A cool feature with our rating survey fields is that several items can be rated within one question. As with multiple text boxes, you can easily add new rows of items and name them with unique labels.

SurveyLegend provides four different kinds of rating questions: stars, sliders, smilies (ternary), and thumbs (binary).

remember that you can have several rating items in several rows for a single question.



After adding a Rating question to your survey, click or tap on it to activate the Edit Mode and access the settings panel.
You can easily customise the Rating, to ask the type of question intended for your surveys. Rating offers the following customization possibilities:


By enabling this settings, you will demand the respondents to answer this question. Our system visually notifies respondents, that they cannot continue to next page or submit the questionnaire before answering this question, which in this case is rating the items or voting by thumbs up or down, or expressing their opinion by smilies.

Read more about when you ‘should’ or ‘should not’ make answering required in your online questionnaires.


Enabling this setting will allow you to add a large, edge-to-edge image right under the question. If your question needs further explanation using a picture or illustration, you can easily upload it here. Read more about best practices of adding pictures to survey questions.

Additionally, you can add a custom link to the picture after you upload one. Linked images can act as banners, helping you promote something or add incentives for your respondents to finish a survey. They can also help you create download links, or lead users to other pages or your other surveys. Read more about adding links pictures in your survey.


Enabling this setting will allow you to add a large, beautiful, edge-to-edge image right between the first heading on the section break, and the second one. If the new section of your questionnaire requires a picture or illustration to emphasize that you are changing the section or chapter, or if you simply need some ornamentation, this setting can help a lot.

There is a lot you can do, using pictures in your surveys or forms. See how to empower your forms or surveys with pictures and nice images. Have a look at this page to get some inspiration about using images as answers, makeing your surveys branded with illustrations, logos or signs, and more… With SurveyLegend, it’s so easy to create visually appealing questionnaires that get a very high finish rate!


Enabling this randomizes the order choices appear each time the survey is loaded for each respondent. This can be used to avoid order-bias, which can happen sometimes when some respondents disappointingly choose the first or last choices from a list, because those are very easy to spot.

Make sure to read more about randomizing order of choices, and learn when & why to use it, or when to avoid it.


Sometimes you may need to explain further, or add tips or instructions for your respondents. Enabling this feature will activate an extra text box in which you can type these instructions. By default, these additional instructions appear as a little button with a question mark inside them, right under the question text. When clicked, they expand and show your additional text.

Instead, if you prefer to constantly display this text, please activate “Always visible instructions” option. This will directly display the additional instructions under the question, and respondents do not have to manually click on it to display it. Read more about adding further instructions or tips for survey questions.


Rating offers several voting type possibilities, helping you get different types of feedback. You can choose Stars, Sliders, Smilies, and or Thumbs from the Rating Type dropdown.

Each vote type has its own advantages, here are the following advantages and examples of user cases.


By using the first one, your survey participants will be able to give a rating response with stars. It’s a common way of asking opinions online, and people are very used to it. In addition, it will be easy to analyze the collected data for you, because you can easily calculate the average value of the collected ratings.

Additionally, you can set the number of stars from 3 to 10, which provides you more flexibility when asking for feedback.


Just like rating with stars, this is an interactive survey field that is widely used in online surveys. The “slider ratings scale” gives researchers the opportunity to produce questions and answers in a style that incorporate a greater breadth of answers.

By offering the possibility to slide a bar on an attractive visual line, you can improve the usability of your surveys, and also receive more nuanced responses from participants.

Additionally, you can define the range of the sliders used in your questions. A slider has to have at least three values to choose from, and it can include a maximum of 10 values. The reason for this limitation is that it will be easier for your participants to drag the slider thumb from left to right to choose a specific number within the range. Also, when analyzing your final survey statistics, it does not really change much by having a range between 1 ↔ 10 instead of 1 ↔ 100. Moreover, a limited range can be illustrated more easily, using diagrams and charts, than a broad range.

And finally, this provides a standard scale. When you create a question with Likert-type scale responses in your online surveys Read more…


The next rating type provides a ternary way of rating, which ranges from -1 to +1, or as it is visually represented for the participants a range of Bad > Neutral > Good, or Sad > Neutral > Happy.


Thumbs up and thumbs down provides a way of asking for binary feedback. So the answer is either positive or negative. This kind of answer is also known as “Hot or Not”.

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