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Section break is a survey field that provides you with yet another way of organizing your survey contents into different sections. But the difference is that using a section break does not activate any pagination bar, and all the questions before and after a section break are visible on the screen at the same time.

A section break contains two text fields that you can use. The first one can be used to include a heading with a bigger font size, and the second field gives you the possibility of typing a subheading which will always have a smaller font size.

You can use section breaks in many creative ways, e.g. providing additional information and comments for your participants, or as headers for new survey pages.

It’s a good idea to put a section break right after a page break, if you want to give each survey page a unique heading.
If you don’t need to use both of the heading text boxes, leave them empty. They won’t show up for the participants. In this case, you can just get a horizontal line, separating the questions.


 the content you write in the section breaks will not be visible in your Live Analytics, and will not be exported, when you export your survey statistics.



Just like all other question types, you can easily add an image to section breaks as well. These could be used to create nice headers for each page of your form, or you can creatively use them as you wish. These are your customization possibilities for section breaks:


Enabling this setting will allow you to add a large, beautiful, edge-to-edge image right between the first heading on the section break, and the second one. If the new section of your questionnaire requires a picture or illustration to emphasize that you are changing the section or chapter, or if you simply need some ornamentation, this setting can help a lot. See examples of what you can do with images in your suvey, forms, polls, or questionnaires.

Additionally, you can add a custom link to the picture after you upload one. Linked images can act as banners, helping you promote something or add incentives for your respondents to finish a survey. They can also help you create download links, or lead users to other pages or your other surveys. Read more about adding links pictures in your survey.


Sometimes you may need to explain further, or add tips or instructions for your respondents. Enabling this feature will activate an extra text box in which you can type these instructions. By default, these additional instructions appear as a little button with a question mark inside them, right under the first heading of the section break. When clicked, they expand and show your additional text.

Instead, if you prefer to constantly display this text, please activate “Always visible instructions” option. This will directly display the additional instructions under the question, and respondents do not have to manually click on it to display it. Read more about adding further instructions or tips for survey questions.

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