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When you are creating your beautiful online surveys, you have two ways of previewing them. One of them is for testing only, and provides a safe way to interact with the survey without affecting the data. We call it “Passive preview“. The second way is called “Active preview“, which is basically the same as participating in your own survey. Any interaction with the questionnarei will be saved and will affect the collected data.

1 – Passive Preview

You can instantly see a preview of the questionnaire you are working on, with just a single click. When you are on the “Create” step, or the “Design” step, or on your dashboard page, you can easily preview your survey by clicking or tapping the expand survey Fullscreen Preview button; or if you are using our Web app on your iPad or Android tablet, simply hold your device vertically to activate preview mode.

This will open your survey in a so called “Light box”, and you can preview how it would look and behave in reality, when a user is participating in your survey.

You can interact with your survey or form and provide answers or view next pages. But since it is a “passive” preview, your responses and interactions will not be saved in our database, therefore it does not effect your statistics.

Aslo it’s possible to switch the preview modes to fullscreen Fullscreen survey preview, tablet Survey preview on a tablet, or smartphone Survey preview on a mobile phone views by clicking on their respective icons.

It is even possible rotate the device by clicking on the rotate button Device orientation button to make sure everything looks as you want them to, on any device!

There is also a simple way to restart your survey, right in the preview mode. Simply tap on the reload survey button reload button, to clean all the answers and restart the preview from the very first step.

Switch pages in preview mode, and override compulsory questions

When creating a survey or form, you can make some questions compulsory to answer. But to be able to go to next pages of the questionnaire, these required questions have to be answerd, even in the preview mode!This is because we intend to show you how the questionnaire would behave in real life on a real device, for a real participant.

However, while you are in preview mode, it’s still possible to quickly jump back and forward to any page within your survey. By clicking the navigation buttons located on top of the preview step, you can switch pages without having to answer any of the required questions at all. This will help to override the natural behaviour of the survey, and you can preview it more easily.

2 – Active Preview

You also preview your survey in an active way, by opening its link in a web browser. You can do this when you are in the “Share” step, copy and past the survey link into any browser you want and preview it there.

Please keep in mind that you this way you are participating in the survey, the system will count you as a survey participant as soon as you click on any choice or type a response, the data will be collected and saved.

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