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How does “skip to” work, when used as a consequence

You can use the “skip to” consequence, if you want to quickly hide multiple items from the survey or form. For example, you can ask a question right at the beginning of the survey which can identify relevant respondents. If a respondent is disqualified for answering the questions, you can simply use “skip to”, and redirect them to a Thank You Page. You can ask our system to skip to a question, page, or section break, as a consequence.
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How it works

The “skip to” consequence basically works like an automated “hide” consequence, explained earlier in this guide. When the “skip to” logic is triggered, the survey automatically jumps forward from a point to another point of your questionnaire, by simply hiding every question, section break or page on the way. For instance, let’s imagine you have a survey with 5 pages. On last question of page #1, you set up a logic flow which may skip to page 5, based on respondents’ input. So if a respondent triggers this logic flow, s/he will never see page 2, 3 and 4, including any questions in them. Instead, after pressing the next page button (>) they will be redirected to the beginning of page #5 of your questionnaire.
Sometimes, instead of selecting several questions one by one; you can instead choose to skip to a certain part of your questionnaire.
Logic Flow #1
survey logic, if answer to the following questionanswer to the following question
*Have you ever owned any pets?
logic rule icon for choice based questionsis
  • Yes
  • No
skip to
3 pages, including 25 questions will be hidden!
Page #5
end of logic flow
As you see in the illustration above, when requirements for the above “rule” or “IF” are met, you can expect our system to preform a so called “skip to” consequence. This will show any item that you choose, when requirements in the “IF” (or rule) section of this logic flow are met.
The “skip to” consequence will override questions with required answer. Therefore, in case you decide to skip to a future part of the survey, and there are questions with required answers on the way, our system will smartly ignore all those compulsory questions.

What can you skip to

You can ask set the logic flow to skip to any point in a questionnaire; for example questions, section breaks, or pages. Keep in mind that when you skip an item, our system hides everything on the way, up to that item. In other words, the items that you have chosen to skip to is displayed, but everything before will be hidden.
Be careful when you “skip to” questions that are “hidden” or “shown” due to other logic flows. You can still skip to questions which might be either hidden or shown, due to other logic flows. But in case they are hidden, skipping to them will not make them visible! Our system simply shows the next item after the hidden question.
You cannot skip to an item, which is placed before the question that triggers the “skip to” consequence. You can always skip forwards, but never backwards!
The “skip to” consequence can be used only one time, per logic flow!
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