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How does “hide” work, when used as a consequence

The “hide” consequence enables you to conditionally remove one or more items of a survey. These items can be question(s), page(s), or section break(s).
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  Let’s imagine you first set up a condition, then select the “hide” consequence, and after that select page 3 of your survey. This means if a participant triggers that condition, our system will hide the entire page 3 of your survey for them; otherwise page 3 is always visible for those respondents who do not activate that specific condition.
Sometimes, instead of selecting several questions one by one; you can group them all into one page within your survey. Then choose to entirely hide that page under certain conditions.
Logic Flow #1
survey logic, if answer to the following questionanswer to the following question
*What are your 3 most favorite pets?
logic rule icon for text based questions (when text starts with)contains
Type one or more words…
1 page, including 10 questions will be hidden!
Page #3
end of logic flow
As you see in the illustration above, when requirements for the above “rule” or “IF” are met, you can expect our system to preform a so called “hide” consequence. This will hide any item that you choose, when requirements in the “IF” (or rule) section of this logic flow are met.
If you intend to apply the “hide” consequence on some questions or section breaks, it’s recommended to initially have those questions or section breaks in next pages of your survey or form. If you prefer to have only one page, make sure things that supposed to become hidden, are not closely placed after the question that may cause them to hide. Because it is better for the respondents not to see items appearing or disappearing from the view, in accordance with their answers. This way, you keep it simple for them, and as a result, reduce the chance of getting biased responses.
The “hide” consequence will override questions with required answer. Therefore, even if you decide to hide a page which includes questions with required answers, the survey will simply ignore those hidden questions, and lets the respondents to continue.
You cannot choose to hide items which are placed before the last question inside the IF section of logic flow. Only things that are physically after the last question of a flow, can get hidden, as a consequence.
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