organize logic flows iconPlace “shown” or “hidden” items far away

It’s better not to place items that are “shown” or “hidden”, close to the question that triggers “hide”, or “show” logic.

In the previous section, we mentioned that hiding or showing questions directly before the participants’ eyes can potentially be distracting for them and raise unnecessary questions. So, if it is suitable for your type of survey, try place those questions (which are going to be shown or hidden) in next page.

This way, respondents will not at all notice that the questionnaire reacted to their answers. Therefore, you will not distract them, and they would answer more confidently and with more focus.

It’s exactly the same if you are using the “skip” logic and want to jump ahead to a point in your questionnaire. Let that point be in another page, not in the exactly same page as its respective logic rules are situated.

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