logic rule iconAdding rules to logic flows

A logic flow can have one or several rules (or IFs). Each logic rule needs some conditions to be meaningful of course. Therefore, as soon as you for example select a question (which means adding a rule), the first thing our system shows you is a list beneath the question from which you select the condition.

Logic Flow #1

survey logic, if answer to the following questionanswer to the following question

Do you have pets?
Choose a condition
  • Yes
  • No

When a question is chosen in a new logic flow, next step is “Choosing a condition”. This creates a complete logic rule, inside the flow.

Depending on type of the selected question, conditions that you add to them may vary. SurveyLegend offers many different question types that empowers collecting feedback in a variety of ways.

However, based on the nature of respondents’ input, these question types can be categorized into these four categories:

  1. Questions with optional input (which applies to all items below)
  2. Questions with text input
  3. Questions with number input
  4. Questions with single or multiple choice input

Each of the above categories provide certain set of possible conditions that you can choose from. Of course this is done intelligently by our system.

All you need to do is to open the expandable list of conditions, which is directly presented underneath your selected question, and then pick the condition that you have in mind. The list looks like this: Choose a condition

Conditions for different question types

So let’s see what conditions are available for each type of question:

Common for all question types
with text input
with number input
with choice input