logic remove iconDeleting a logic flow, rule, or consequence

Any section within a logic flow, can be deleted when desired. You can also delete a logic flow entirely.

Deleting an entire logic flow

To delete a logic flow entirely you first need to select it from the logic flow list on the left hand side. Then when the flow is displayed on in work area, you click on the top most delete icon , placed in the main header of the logic flow.

Logic Flow #1

choose a pre-condition

Clicking the “trash” button will remove the selected logic flow and all its contents, entirely.

Deleting a rule or consequence, inside a logic flow

A logic flow can consist of a multiple logic rules, and several logic consequences. If you need to delete any of them, simply click on the delete button on their respective headers.

survey logic, if answer to the following questionanswer to the following question

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AND also

Be very careful when deleting logic flows, rules, or consequences of surveys which are live and are collecting responses! Firstly, it is an action that is irreversible. It also may result in unexpected, invalid or low quality data in the collected responses.