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How to make multilingual surveys

Learn how to create a multilingual survey, using SurveyLegend.

Easily create a survey, which supports multiple languages. Reach a wider audience & get insight about how each group responds to your multilingual survey.

Multilingual SurveysHow to create multilingual surveys

Around 75% of the world’s population do not speak English. This is while you as a company owner, business strategists, or researcher, always need to reach out to a wider audience and ask them your critical questions to collect richer data. One smart way to reach out to a wider audience is to present them your questionnaire in their own preferred language.

This could have been very hard, if you were not a SurveyLegend user; but luckily you are and can enjoy creating a hassle free multilingual survey with ease.

Benefits of multilingual surveys

When you make your multilingual survey with our survey tool, you automatically get the following advantages:

  • One questionnaire for all target languages: you do not need to create individual surveys or forms, for each language covered. All of them can be seamlessly in one, and accessed by the same survey link.
  • Easier promotional strategies: having an all-in-one solution makes it easier to promote your survey on different channels, e.g. via email; social media, SMS, etc… All you need to do is sharing “one” survey link, and let the audience choose.
  • Respondents choose their preferred language: many people know more than one language, but they may prefer to answer your questions in a certain language. For examples in countries which have many official languages, or many immigrants.
  • All data in one place: all collected data is accessible in real-time via our analytics tool. You can directly see statistics about how many procent of your audience have chosen which language.
  • Sectioned data per language: not only we show all the data in one analytics page, the data will be sectioned by the language separately. This way, you will see how each language group responded.
  • Ask language-specific questions: sometimes you may need to ask a specific question from respondents who prefer a specific language. This is also possible in out multi-lingual surveys.
  • Increased quantity of collected data: for every language you use in your survey, you increase the chance of collecting more data. The easier you make it for respondents to express their opinions, the more data you will collect!
  • Increased quality of collected data: also because using multiple languages helps you reach a larger group of people and larger sections of the society, there will be a higher quality in the collected data.
  • Support for right-to-left languages: SurveyLegend is built to support any language, including including multi-byte character-set languages like Chinese and Japanese, or right-to-left languages like Persian, Arabic, or Hebrew.

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How to make your customer support automated, more efficient and more insightful with SurveyLegend

Learn how to create a fully automated customer support system, using SurveyLegend.

Customer support is vital for successfully driving any user-centric or customer-centric business. Your company needs to be responsive, and support customers in a quick and effective manner.

Why automating the customer support?

Have you ever encountered those touch-tone phone systems when you call authorities or big companies? They’re simply there, because they help the organization to reduce the work and also help customers to find the right answers faster.

When the quantity of support requests are high, your efficiency in support and the overall quality may drop significantly. This is when you need a customer support automation tool that can take away some of the burden and help both the customers to find right answers to their questions, and help you focus on customers which need more specific needs and require a more personal support.

What can become automated?

Well, pretty much a big part of the online support & help process can be automated. Basically, you need to use automation to direct customers who seek help:

  • towards the right answers, or
  • towards the right support agents who are specialized in different areas

To determine where customers should go, you have to ask a few basic questions first, then you’ll know what they need. This is the pre-support phase which determines the right support.

Knowing the answers, you can offer them the proper help, which could be sending a link to an online user guide article, or displaying contact information of the right support agent.

What are the benefits of automating support?

There are many beneficial aspects to having an automated customer support. Here are a few:

It saves you money & time

Previously we talked about the questions that are always asked when a support conversation is initiated. These questions determine the need, and then the support team give proper help.

So, these questions can either be asked by a real human, which means an extra customer support operator who naturally needs salary, or you can simply make a smart questionnaire using tool, which can take care of this pre-phase.

If you design your questionnaire well, ask the right questions and include right information, links, and answers, then your customers might find what they need even before talking to your support agents.

Divide the job efficiently

Your organization may have several support agents who are specialized in different areas, such as technical support, sales, refound, etc… or your company may have different sections and each of which having their own support team who have different responsibilities.

By asking the right questions, the questionnaire can automatically route the customers to the right support experts.

Automatically gather insights

This comes a great side effect of using our platform as an automated customer support program. We have a powerful analytics tool, natively integrated with our app, that displays beautiful diagrams and charts of collected data. This way, you can gather insights about your products or services, and easily follow the areas that people need your support for.

Having identified those shortage areas, you can then invest on improving them. It’s additionally possible to create sections of the collected data to track the effectiveness of your improvements. Over time, you’ll become better and better and customers may need less support. It’s like surveying people, while giving them a proper support.

Where do I start?

Define your first question

The help content for automated customer service questionnaires can be created with the information gathered from your website, like your FAQ page, or user guide page. These will pages easily tell you the most frequently asked questions by your users or clients.
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How to protect your survey with a password, passcode, or secret word

Learn how to protect your survey with a password, passcode, or secret word. Password protected surveys are essential for confidential research projects.

hen you make a survey with our tool, you’ll get a link which can be shared with anyone, posted on social media, or be forwarded via email to others. People might accidentally find the link to your survey, or search engines may lead them to it.

But sometimes you may need to restrict the access to your survey, keep it private, and share it only with a selection of people.

For example, you may be working on a secret project, designing and developing a new product or service. You still need feedback from your team or stakeholders, but you do not want others to access your survey.

In this case, you can easily assign a password to it using our survey logics, so that only those who are aware of this password can access it.

Here is how you do it:

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Get feedback

Get feedback

Get feedback, to learn and grow

Getting feedback can sometimes be experienced as ‘stressful’ or ‘irritating’. This is why we often hesitate to get feedback from others. As experts mention in “Find the Coaching in Criticism”, published at Harvard Business Review, “Even when you know that [feedback is] essential to your development and you trust that the person delivering it wants you to succeed, it can activate psychological triggers. You might feel misjudged, ill-used, and sometimes threatened to your very core.”

But according to the same article, the good news is that you can easily overcome this psychological states of mind and become a better receiver, simply by asking for feedback more often, and by applying the a few useful tips in the feedback collection process, which will be described further down.

Before starting to collect feedback, keep in mind that according to experts, those who clearly seek critical feedback tend to get higher performance ratings. One reason is of course because of the nature of getting feedback and becoming better. But also, when you ask for feedback, you not only understand how others see you, you also change the way they see you! Just the act of collecting feedback makes people trust and respect you more; and helps you create a better image of yourself for them.

Consider these handy tips, when you get feedback

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How Different Are The Mobile Survey Respondents To PC Online Users

How Different Are The Mobile Survey Respondents To PC Online Users?

Mobile Survey Respondents VS Computer Survey Respondents

When it comes to online surveys, PC users are quite different from mobile respondents for various reasons. Evidently, mobile device ownership has surpassed desktop computers, as the former offer more freedom of usage than the latter, as users are able to take their smartphones and tablets wherever they go. But, apart from its portability features, how different are PC users to mobile owners in terms of answering online surveys?



In a featured post by IBN Live, almost 80% of adults worldwide now own and use smartphones, while 50% have tablets. Although they find PCs as the ‘single most popular tool for online access (88% for computers versus 79% for smartphones)’, the research finds mobile device ownership rates continuing to climb, while time spent on traditional computers has decreased. Thus, an increasing number of respondents are now more connected via mobile than regular PCs. This makes receiving and responding to online surveys via smartphones faster than desktop computers, and targeting more people more efficient on mobile than via PCs.


Being portable, mobile devices allow users to access online surveys easily as most smartphones are now pre-built with the fastest mobile data connection facilities on the market. Even budget-friendly devices, such as the iPhone SE, are now built with a faster 4G LTE and Wi-Fi chipsets, as reported by O2 on the handset’s specifications page. Using the device allows the streaming of videos and browsing the web at rates as much as two times faster than other affordable smartphones on the market (up to 19 LTE compatible bands, up to 150 Mbps over 4G LTE, and up to 433 Mbps over Wi-Fi). Many mobile users are now being notified quickly via their registered emails in case an incoming online survey becomes available and accessing it becomes easier and almost in real-time, thanks to mobile data.
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