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How to prevent cheating in your surveys, technologies, best practices, ideas, and examples

Well, let’s start it the “scary” way. Never analyze and report on your collected data, until you take a closer look at ‘who’ may be contaminating your data, and ‘why’!

While the vast majority of respondents fill in the surveys in good faith, there are sometimes many rotten apples in the crowd. This is especially an online phenomenon, and these individuals are sometimes referred to as “trolls”. The anonymity of online environments can provide a safe place for the rotten apples to freely express what goes on in their sick minds, ruin other’s lives, spread hate, and destroy what others are trying hard to build or improve. They may have any type of motivation to do such things, and unfortunately sometimes surveys and research projects fall victim to these cheaters too. Affecting the final results of a study, research, or a competition may have a lot of benefits for them.

Some professionals estimate that up to a third of online survey respondents these days are not real respondents. They may not even be real humans. The rotten apples and robots unfortunately propagate themselves and ruin research that could otherwise be insightful.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to minimize, prevent, or even eliminate cheaters, trolls, or robots from affecting your survey results.
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The Best Way to Improve Patient Satisfaction is With Help of a Patient Satisfaction Survey

illustration of a doctor for patient satisfaction survey

What is a Patient Satisfaction Survey?

Do you know what the satisfaction level of your patients is? If your answer is yes, think again.

We conducted a study asking senior-level healthcare professionals if they believe appointments start on time 80% of them believed it did. When we asked patients the same question only 52 % of the patients found that their appointments started on time. The difference in the perceived quality provided and received is an astonishing 28%.

A patient (customer) should be taken care of the entire visit at the hospital from the time they come in contact with the care provider to the time their services have been received and they have gone home.

To locate areas of improvement in your process you can easily conduct surveys during the stay and after they have received their care. This way you as a hospital can cover your entire value providing chain and improve patient satisfaction all over the board.

Six underlying metrics should be used to measure patient satisfaction, and they are:

  1. Transparency and communication between care provider and patient
  2. Quality of medical care
  3. Interpersonal skills displayed by medical professionals
  4. Access to doctors and other medical professional
  5. Accessibility of care
  6. Financial aspects of care

Surveys recommended being conducted if you as a hospital want to improve your patient satisfaction level

You as a healthcare provider have many choices to choose from when it comes to creating surveys and collecting data but here are three expert made survey templates that you can use today and get flying with your feedback collecting and improvement of services.

Remember a happy patient is a great asset and a patient that will not only come back to you and your hospital if they should ever need your services again but they will also talk good about you and your organization.

Hospitals are here to save lives and heal patients to their best ability but making sure the way to a healthy patient is also a great experience is also important, not only for you as a business but also for the patients receiving the care.

Templates for Healthcare and Hospital Surveys

Healthcare CAHPS® Visit v2.0 Survey Template

Healthcare CAHPS® 12 Month v2.0 Adult Survey Template

Healthcare CAHPS® Health Plan v4.0 Survey Template

Conclusions of conducting patient satisfaction surveys

If you are a hospital that cares about your patients, employees and your hospitals brand than conducting frequent surveys that measure patient satisfaction is a must.

The value you will gain from it is vast. Knowing what you as a hospital are doing right and what you need improving can increase your revenue and lower your costs. You can increase efficiency, employee happiness, and patient satisfaction. All this with the help of feedback.

When should you start doing patient satisfaction surveys? My answer is; start today, it’s never to soon but it can be too late, so let us get started!

If you find the three suggested survey templates to complex, start small with an NPS survey that’s easy to create and easy to respond to, see here: Customer Net Promoter Score (NPS®) Survey Template.

Stay curios and informed!
Best regards, Jasko

Add a pop-up survey, form or poll to your website with ease

pop-up survey and feedback from


Pop-up survey, form or poll solution for your website

We all have gotten confronted with a pop-up from time to time, a pop-up can provide us with a special offer, ask for our email address or ask us to provide well-needed feedback to the company or website we’re visiting. Yes, feedback is important to collect and it becomes even more important if you have a strong or want to have a strong online presence.

The importance of knowing who your visitors are, if they are finding what they are looking for, if the prices are good, if they find your web page intuitive and easy to navigate… whatever the feedback may be that you need to collect on your customers, the best way to do it is as they are browsing.

What are the benefits of doing a pop-up survey, form or poll?

In the majority of cases, the potential for collecting feedback with online pop-up surveys is significantly higher than with other survey types, especially since it doesn’t require an email database to share and you would be showing the survey to all or a big portion of your website visitors.

You can easily ask a specific question for a specific part of the website, like the pricing page, the landing page, the user guide, the page you provide special offers on… your possibilities are endless with SurveyLegend. See how easy it is to embed a pop-up survey on your website, click here.

What questions are great to ask when doing a popup survey?

It’s easy, ask the question you want to get the answer to, but to get you started here are 20 great questions you could ask, enjoy 🙂

  1. How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?
  2. What is the goal of your visit?
  3. What other products (or product features) would you like us to offer?
  4. What would you like us to write about next?
  5. Is our pricing clear to you?
  6. Did this article answer all your questions?
  7. What are your 3 favorite blogs?
  8. What do you like the most/the least about our website?
  9. Which of the following tools do you use?
  10. What made you exit the website?
  11. What was your first impression when you entered the website?
  12. What is your preferred payment/delivery method?
  13. What’s one the most important feature we should add?
  14. What is the most important feature of our product?
  15. What is the primary reason for choosing us over competitors?
  16. What makes us stand out from the competition?
  17. What was the one thing that almost stopped you from buying?
  18. How did you first hear about us?
  19. Is there anything missing on this page?
  20. Which of our competitors did you consider before choosing us?

Conclusions of having a pop-up survey, form, and poll on your website

What should we take with us from this post? The important thing to remember is to ask the right question/questions on the right page.

Make sure to ask a few questions as you can, asking the one question that you need answering and don’t ask 10 questions just because you can. Asking too much will be the difference between a successful pop-up survey and a survey that makes your customers irritated.

Keep it clean and simple, try to learn as much as you can with as little questions as you can. Now have fun and enjoy the new pop-up survey, form and poll feature we just introduced.

Stay curios and informed!
Best regards, Jasko

Best Survey, Form and Poll Solution for Shopify

Shopify survey and feedback from


Survey Integration For Shopify

Customer feedback is important no matter if you have a big online presence like H&M, or if you just created your first online store using Shopify to sell your homemade mittens, made by ecological wool. Remember all companies that are big today started small.

SurveyLegend makes it easy for you to create surveys, forms and polls to embed in your shopify page and collect the much needed customer feedback. By knowing your customers visiting your Shopify web shop, you increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Get to know your customers

You have created your Shopify page and you have started to sell, congratulations great job. But now you need to grow and take over the world. To grow you need to know your audience. Knowing your audience will allow you to better communicate, offer better products and have a better customer support.

Happy customers market your company and your products, do all you can to make them happy. One of the ways to get to know your audience is to do surveys and get feedback.

SurveyLegend offers an easy to create & embed survey, form and poll solution for Shopify; saving you time and money.

What types of surveys can you do and embed on your shopify web-page. Here are some templates for your inspiration:

Conclusions of having a survey, form, and poll on your Shopify webshop

No matter how big or small your business is, collecting customer feedback will increase your understanding of where you are and what direction you should take with your company. Collecting feedback can help you offer better products, increase customer satisfaction, find areas on your webpage or services that need improvement. But it can also help you understand what you are the best at.

Knowing what you are great at will help you market the exact values you offer that make your company unique.

So what are you waiting for? Start asking questions and act on the insight today, and become a better company tomorrow 🙂

Stay curios and informed!
Best regards, Jasko

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