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10 Types of Client Success Surveys & How To Handle a Negative NPS

“How did we do today?” Many of us have been asked to answer that simple question following a transaction. Perhaps it was a text message, an email, or a...

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The Ultimate Guide to Net Promoter Score and NPS Surveys in 2023

“The Customer is King!” While it may not be a new saying, today it’s more important than ever. Nowadays, consumers have more options than ever before. That means, if...

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How to Calculate NPS (+ NPS Examples)

How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague? You’ve certainly seen that question before on a survey. It’s a prime example of an NPS question....

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15 NPS Survey Best Practices You Need to Know

NPS surveys let you know where you stand with customers, but they have to be done right. Here are ten NPS survey best practices.

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How to Improve NPS in 8 Easy Steps

Your NPS lets you know how you’re doing with customers. Improving your NPS means you’re doing a better job! Here’s how to improve your NPS.

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How to Use NPS Data to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience consists of everything from the customer’s first interaction with your company to their last. Using NPS data, you can improve that experience!