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What is Skip Logic?

create skip logic for your surveys with ease

Skip logic is an amazing feature used in professional surveys, forms or polls. It enables you as the creator, to give your respondents a unique and personalized experience depending on their answers throughout the entire questionnaire. It’s like automatically generating a unique questionnaire for each respondent.

With Skip logic, respondents answers to the current question, affect what question or page they will see there after. So you can divide up your survey to distinct branches, and based on specific answers, send people to different branches.

Skip logic is also known as “conditional branching” or “branch logic”. With our app, you can design skip logic, using “Logic flows”. It’s very easy to create complex rules using our user friendly logic flow creator.

Probably the Best Skip Logic creator in the Universe

Logic Flow #1
survey logic, if answer to the following questionanswer to the following question
*Have you ever owned any pets?
logic rule icon for choice based questionsis
  • Yes
  • No
skip to
3 pages, including 25 questions will be hidden!
Page #5
AND also
#37 Are you allergic to any pets?
end of logic flow
This is an example of how a you can combine a Skip Logic, with another logic in our Logic flow editor.

A super easy-to-use skip logic creator, finally!

easy skip logic creator

Yes you read it right! Finally there is a skip logic creator for surveys, which everyone can understand and easily use; no matter if it’s their first time or 1000th time of making a survey.

We set out to design an easy to use skip logic creation system for the casual web explorers. There is no need for you to be an expert in market research. If you can use an email app on your smartphone, or navigate through your favorite social media app; then you will already be a master in using SurveyLegend.

In our app, “what you see is what you get”. When you are setting up your skip logic, we visually present you all the steps in a clearly understandable way. Everything from the first conditions and rules that you set up on the questions, to the consequences of the logic flow.

It’s as joyful as a dance in the park, in a sunny day to be specific : )

Smarter Surveys, with the Help of Skip Logic

NPS question, together with skip logic. Ask respondents about the reasons they choose certain scores.

A flawless experience

smart surveys with skip logic

With smartphones, our world got way better; and now with smart surveys, the world that “you” and “us” share, has become an even better place.

Don’t want your respondents to see questions that don’t apply to them? Want your survey to be smart and customized, to be as close to your participants as possible? If your answer is yes, then SurveyLegend is for you.

No matter if you’re measuring employee satisfaction, evaluating a new product line, or collecting feedback from a teachers conference. Skip logic saves time, for you, your company, and your respondents. Skip logic helps focusing on the right questions, and geting the right answers. You design a questionnaire that intelligently reduces the cognitive work for your respondents, by removing unnecessary questions. The best of all is that you are the one in charge!

For Any & Every Research Project

No matter what project it is, professionals will use skip logic

skip logic, used by pros

Skip logic is widely used by researchers. Because it helps splitting the questionnaire into several distinct branches or chapters, and based on respondents’ answers, skip to a branch which is focused for a group of people.

Skip logic flow chart design, branching.

Customer loyalty research
Use our Net Promoter Score question type, to find out why some customers stay loyal to your brand, and why some don’t. Ask the right question, from the right people. Get to know what makes them recommend your brand to others and what stops them from doing so.

See our templates

Customer satisfaction
Get to know your market before you start marketing your services or producing your product with the help of Skip-Logic-empowered questionnaires. Understand who your customers are and who is most likely to purchase your new service or product.

See our templates

Introducing a new product
Get to know your market before you start marketing your services or producing your product with the help of Skip-Logic-empowered questionnaires. Understand who your customers are and who is most likely to purchase your new service or product.

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Event planning
Want to know how many will come to your next event, their occupation, age, if they will be joining for lunch before the event starts? Ask the event participants if they’re coming for lunch before you ask them what they would like to eat and if they have any dietary restrictions.

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A Participation Experience Like No Other

Tailor made fit for your respondents
If a question is not relevant to a respondent, they won’t know how to answer it. Imagine if your respondent doesn’t own a driver’s licence, or a car, and your insurance survey is asking him/her specific questions about car insurance.

Asking questions that aren’t relevant to the respondents will either force them to answer randomly, or even worse, makes them frustrated and they leave without answering. So why ask them when you can avoid it with the help of skip logic?

Beautiful, short and sweet
Everyone loves a shorter and more beautiful survey! Providing fewer questions to the respondent to complete, increases the “finish rates”. Our tool empowers you to automatically group respondents, and ask them fewer, but more relevant questions. This benefits your data volume and quality.

It’s like a live interview
Questionnaires are like live conversations, and just like in an interview, asking questions that don’t apply to a respondent are distracting. With SurveyLegend, it’s like you are there every time somebody opens your survey or form. You know who should answer to which question. So just go ahead and design a smart survey that is as amazing as you!

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