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Market Research: Brand Awareness Survey Template


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As you may have noticed we live in a global economy, meaning we consume news from other countries, travel all over the world, wear clothes produced on other continents and eat food from all over the world. This is amazing but it also puts pressure on brands. Competition is fierce, having a strong brand makes sure that a company will stay relevant even in the next ten year to come, be it locally or globally.

If you work with marketing “brand awareness” is a word you are well accounted for and your work is focused on this topic. Making sure the customers are choosing your product, be it shoes, telephone services, restaurant or beverage… over competitors is a must, no matter the similarity.

Before doing any new marketing of your brand it’s important to understand where you stand in terms of brand awareness. With the help of our brand awareness survey template features unaided and aided brand awareness questions that are designed give you a true measure of your brand popularity.

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