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Citizen Demographic Survey Template


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As a city, state or country, knowing your citizens is essential. It helps you as a mayor of a city, governor of a state or president of a country to get an overview of the income level, marital status, education level, household economy and working situation. Every day, month and year a leader of his city, state or country should keep track of the changes in his/her society. It can be vital to know if the overall household income increasing or decreasing; are more of your population divorcing or marring; is your level of educated population increasing or is education level decreasing.

Using SurveyLegend expert certified survey templates to conduct Citizen demographic surveys help you answer all these question and more. Follow your societies development in real time with our live analytics and compare with last days, months or years data collected.

Numbers don’t lie and they can help you to either prove a point, or measure what areas of the citizens life need improving. Is the number of unemployed individuals high, then you may need to put resources on creating jobs. Are the citizens educated, then should perhaps market your city as a place where education is valued. And this list goes on…

But no conclusions can be made or measured without quality data. So start asking the right questions today and sync with your citizens like never before with the help of SurveyLegend. Should you want to ask your citizens more question, questions that address their over all experience of your city then we recommend you use our city citizen survey template.

You can of course customize the citizen demographic survey template according to your needs, add questions that are specific for the city, state or country. Register now for free and start creating your first amazing and powerful citizen demographics survey :)

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