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Customer Service Survey Template


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Having a high quality of customer service, is as important as having a high quality for the product you’re providing. Offering a great customer service experience can lead to loyal customers that stay with your company for a long time, and advocate for your business. Customers that are loyal have shown to be less price-sensitive and still choose you, even when your business isn’t at its “A Game”.

The Customer Service Survey template helps you understand how well your customer service employees are taking care of your clients or users. It addresses questions like: How long did you wait on hold before speaking with our customer service representative? Would you say that our customer service representative solved your problem or answered your question quickly, slowly, or neither? How helpful was our customer service representative? and more.

Collecting the feedback needed to understand the quality of your support is essential to understand what details needs improving and what areas you are best at. It even allows you to find the star amongst your staff and learn what they are doing right, and apply the knowledge to the rest of your amazing employees.

You can of course customize the customer service template according to your needs, add questions that are specific for the customer service at your company. Register now for free and start creating your first gorgeous and insightful customer service survey :)

Need more survey templates?

Need more survey templates?